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December 28, 1969 The Ugly City, The Open House, The Funeral Home, The Old Lady and The Happy Anniversary

December 26, 1969 issue

Dear Mother & Daddy,                Saturday Night

"Bob & Pat left at 7:00 this morning so I guess they are getting close to Atlanta. We had a wonderful time while they were here but were on the go so much and sat up late so I've been pretty tired today. I even took a nap this afternoon.

Bob was real happy with the school in Chicago and said they had all kinds of equipment. We took him to the interview and left him. He talked to several people and then just wandered around to look. The medical college is in a terrible part of the city and I think Patty felt pretty bad about it but they'll find a nice place to live and it will work out all right. It was a gloomy day and the city couldn't have looked uglier.

After we got home Bob fixed up his papers and sent his money in so it is settled. They will be back at Easter time to look for a place to live and see about a teaching job for her. They want to go on the tour to Europe with the I.S.U. group this summer so have been saving and scrimping to do that. They got the material on that while they were here but have to clear some of Pat's teaching dates before making definite plans. Bob won't start classes until late Sept. so they have the chance to go if they can work out the dates. The trip is 24 days I think, and I don't know how they'll spend the rest of the summer. They were happy to have the money for Christmas and it will be saved for the trip.

We gave them a camera.

Ann wants to go to Europe too and maybe I told you that she is saving to go with a Wm. Woods class. That will be six weeks and she'll be in class part of the time and get credit for it.

We gave her a sewing machine and she says she's taking it back to Fulton with her. It's a portable but it sure is heavy.

I put a few Christmas decorations away today but didn't have the pep to take down the tree.

We are going to an open house tonight and have to call at the funeral home tomorrow and then I hope we can stay at home for a few days.

Faith Larsen had a Mother-Daughter tea yesterday afternoon. It really was nice to meet all of the girls that we all talk about but don't really know but neither Ann nor Patty really wanted to go. Neither did I because we had so many things we wanted to do at home and it was Pat's last day here.  We dressed up & went though, and had a nice time.

It was so good to talk to you and know that everyone was fine. I was so glad Uncle Floyd & Aunt Nora could be home and I'm hoping they let him come back after his check-up.

We all liked the nice things you sent us. I haven't worn my new undies but will soon. They are very nice.

I almost forgot to tell you that Ann brought her quilt home. It is beautifully done but the old lady can't do any more. This was very hard for her to do because she doesn't see very well and she wanted to do a nice job. I must write & tell her how happy we are with it. She put some fancy quilting in the white parts & it really is pretty.

I must stop & get dressed. I keep forgetting to mention or wish you a happy anniversary. How many is it? We talked about it on the 23rd but I'm never sure.

Happy New Year."

                                 Lots of love,


Dear Readers,
We have come to the end of another decade! Thanks for reading and I hope you'll return after a few days break for the 1970s.  To end the decade with a smile, here's the top hit of late December and an Academy Award winner for the best original song. Enjoy! 



  1. Oh, I plan on sticking around! One thing that strikes me is the sheer number of social obligations your mother had. One of the majors at my ROTC detachment gave Emilia a booklet called "Mrs. Lieutenant" which really shook her. All the talk about teas and coffees - it's an honor to be asked to pour - and the bits about leaving your engraved calling cards when taking leave of an assignment. One should leave cards in the silver salver on the foyer console or with a servant. Jeez! Scared us both. Predictably, none of that came true.
    So where did your mom leave her engraved calling cards? ;-)

  2. Plenty to enjoy here. The poster has everything that I remember from the 60's. I never had a Polaroid camera, the Land Camera was named after Harry Land who, if memory serves me correctly, was married to George Eastman's daughter.

  3. Yes, there were lots of social obligations and she considered them "obligations" most of the time but approached each one with graciousness. Notice that she always said, "I had to pour"! As for engraved calling cards, Mom would have considered that totally pretentious and ridiculous and probably would have said so:-) Happy New Year!


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