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August 30, 1969 The Heaps of Ironing, The Nice Birthday, The Effects of the Hurricane and The Simple & Beautiful Spot

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We got home late Wed. afternoon after a wonderful vacation but we still aren't caught up on the laundry & such. Of course Ann brought home a lot of dirty clothes from Jeff. City and we washed them before we left but still have heaps of ironing. Today we have been trying to get her school clothes sorted out and I will sew next week. She has to have a white dress for the opening convocation. All of the girls have to wear white for that. She has to be there a week from Sunday.

B goes back to work next Tuesday & has been doing odd jobs. The check from the insurance man came and the Mustang is being fixed now. We are supposed to get it tomorrow. Then B is going to get it all in shape before Ann goes back.

Bob has three weeks before his school really begins but he is continuing his work in the lab that he has been doing all summer. He will work on it all semester as part of his classwork & get credit for it. The grant is all used up now but he'll be working in the lab part-time for pay as he always has.

Patty has started her teaching now. She had three days of teachers' meetings & felt they wasted a lot of time but were useful, too. There are six women who go from Williamsburg so they arrange transportation together. Patty was riding with someone else this week so Bob has the car to use.

We had your letter today & I was sure glad to have it. It seemed so long since we'd heard from you. I
hope you got Daddy's birthday letter on time & hope he had a nice birthday.

We were real lucky about our week at the beach. There was only one day when we didn't go into the water.

That day we were feeling the effects of the hurricane. The wind blew the sand around & then started turning cold so we went sight seeing.

Bonnie & Bob flying a kite

Ann, Bonnie, Pat & Bob at play

One night we went to a play which is performed on the place where Sir Walter Raleigh started a colony in the 1500's. They call it the "Lost Colony" because it actually disappeared & they don't know what happened to it. The play is given all summer in an outdoor theatre & all of us enjoyed it.

In Williamsburg we didn't do anything different but rode the free bus to see the old town. We didn't even see Bob & Pat on Tuesday morning. They both had to go to work & we wanted to leave fairly early so just told them goodbye Monday evening. I let out a dress for her that she thought was too tight because she was afraid she'd ruin it. She is doing real well with her sewing but it is a real struggle for her. She had made a plain green dress which looked very nice & had a skirt almost finished. She didn't want me to see it but Bob brought it. It looked fine to me but she says she just can't sew straight.

We went to Arlington this time & the crowds are still going to the Kennedy grave. It is very simple & in a beautiful spot.

Robert Kennedy's grave is off to itself & looks so alone. It has a low hedge growing around the grave & a plain white cross for a headstone.

RFK Grave

JFK Grave

Once we got started home everyone wanted to get home so we drove pretty hard. I was sort of stiff from riding so long. It's much easier to stop often & walk around but that takes a lot of time, too.

All of us are fine & hope you are, too."

                          Lots of love,


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