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May 31, 1969 The Long Day, The Coat of Wax, The Military Academy, The Old Church and The Catfish Farming

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This has been a long day. We got up extra early so Ann could start to Jeff. City early since she had a 1:30 meeting. She hasn't called yet so probably got there barely on time & will call after the meeting. The week went so fast even if we didn't do much.

We did get her voile dress finished and some mending done. She saw some of her friends but others aren't thru school yet.

Malcolm & Audrey had supper with us Wednesday night and all of us enjoyed that. He was home a few days before exams started. He will work here in Normal this summer & stay with his mother.

We plan to start to Williamsburg early Thursday morning. We haven't looked at maps or done much about the trip but B has the car ready. He put a coat of wax on it this morning and it does look nice. Bob sent a long list of things he wants us to bring but maybe I already told you this. Anyway, they want the camping stuff and plan to do some camping on weekends. That will be so nice for them.

We had a nice time in Jeff. City last weekend. It was supper time when we got to Fulton so Ann went with us to supper. We had eaten at a place near Mexico which isn't far so decided to go there. It was closed so we went on into Mexico and ate at a place that was full of boys in fancy uniforms. There is a military academy there and it must have been a special day because there were so many boys & parents together. We stayed in a motel in Fulton & drove to Jeff. City in time for church. Ann had to go early of course, but had her car all packed and ready to come home.

They have redecorated the old church and it was just beautiful. They kept the old furnishing (dark wood) and used white & pale blue paint with a little gold. They put white plastic cushions on the benches & blue carpet on the floor. The organ was either new or rebuilt but it was a wonderful organ. The service was a special dedication of the new sanctuary & the organ so there was a lot of music. Ann's very little (kids) choir sang & then the Juniors later. Both groups did real well. We went to a hotel for dinner where lots of the church people go, I guess, for there were a lot of them in there that knew Ann. Then we drove past the house where Ann will live this summer & came on home. I rode with her and B was alone in Bob's car.

We have had some hard showers today but needed it. My tomato plants have some blooms on them but I still haven't got any petunias out. The peonies are just beautiful now. I hate for them to finish blooming.

I thought the article on catfish farming was sort of interesting. Maybe Jerry would like to try it sometime. I'll bet Bob would if he had a chance.

Hope you both are fine. Don't work too hard."

                      Lots of love,


NOTES: It was Grandmother's practice to use the back of the envelopes for notes to herself. I enjoyed seeing this one from today's letter. Can't imagine Jello punch!

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  1. I remember Jello punch. It was OK, but just OK. Kinda thick, as one would expect. Flavor was fine, though. It was only a "thing" for a couple of years though.


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