Friday, June 19, 2015

May 24, 1969 The Hay Crop, The Strange Pattern, The Best Flight and The Space Shots

Dear Mother & Daddy,               Friday Evening                  

"We have had supper & B is out mowing our hay crop. It has rained so much this week that he couldn't get it done & it sure looks shabby. This week has been cold and rainy. When it didn't rain it has stayed gloomy so the flowers are slow in blooming. There isn't a sign of life on the mimosa as yet. Do you have any leaves on yours? I know they are very slow to come out but I doubt if mine is alive.

I've been sewing again this week. I made some things to take to Pat and have a dress partly done for Ann. She'll have to try it on before I can do much more to it. It is sort of a strange pattern she borrowed from Polly & has elastic around the neck and waist.

Ann has her last exam in the morning & then her school year is over. She called last Sunday night and wanted me to come on the bus to hear her children sing Sunday. We decided we'd both go so we'll drive down to Fulton tomorrow and stay overnight. Then we'll go to church with her and all of us come home Sunday afternoon. She has found a room in a new home with a widow woman. She will have her own bath and bedroom and use any of the house. The woman is not old but doesn't like to live alone. A graduate student from Columbia has lived with her this year. This girl will move out May 30 & Ann will go the next day. It sounds like a good arrangement. Ann will eat with her, too, and live as if she was at home.

The minister also asked Ann if she'd come back in the fall so I guess she has her choir job for next year.

I wish Ann was going with us to Williamsburg but that is out. We can hardly wait to start. B is so tired it will be good for him just to get out of town and away from school. We plan to leave on Thursday, June 5 and fly home the following Tuesday. That isn't very long but he has to be here to get summer school under way. Bob will drive us to Richmond & we'll fly from there at 4:00 in the afternoon. That was the best flight we could get without getting up at daybreak & then we'd have had to change planes. He starts work June 2 but said he could get off easily to take us. We have arranged to rent a car in Chicago because we can't make plane connections to Bloomington. Pat is going to work in the College Registrar's Office this summer. She wanted to find a better paying job but there weren't any to find so we think she's lucky.

Did Uncle Ben have a stroke? I didn't realize he had been in the hospital all of this time. How old is he?

Have you watched the space shots? Isn't that just unbelievable? I'll sure be glad when they get back down.

Hope you both are fine."

                          Lots of love,


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