Wednesday, June 10, 2015

March 9, 1969 The Big Snow, The Huge Dinner, The Beautiful Quilt Top and The Flu

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We got up to a big snow and it has snowed all day long. One of the boys next door shoveled our walk before B could get to it. I guess I'll make him some cookies because this is the second time he's done it.

B went to the office and worked all morning but got his hair cut and ran some errands this afternoon. I've typed all day on the paper on Indians which I give on Monday. I've made a lot of changes so it has been slow but I'll have to finish it tomorrow afternoon.

We went to a dinner at the President's house last night and are going to Bones' tonight. Tomorrow night we're going to Larsens. It is his birthday so we're going for dessert.

One of these days I'm going to have to have a huge dinner. Audrey (Malcolm's mother) had supper with us Tuesday night. I feel so sorry for her but she acts happy and doesn't make you feel sorry for her.

The beautiful quilt top & the pretty pillow cases came mid-week. The cases will match some sheets I have. I'd like to try my hand at quilting one of these days when I catch up with things. Would I buy muslin for the quilt back? Two of my friends are going to try some quilting. One of them is Mrs. Taylor's niece but she's starting at the beginning. She called me one day & talked an hour about how it was done. Then she bought a cross stitch top & has started on it.

I sewed more on my coat this week & have it about ready for the lining. I think it will be nice but I'm really tired of having it on the machine.

It's about time for us to go to Bones and I want to mail this. Stay away from the flu. It has really been hard on people."

                             Lots of love,


NOTE:  Pictured below is the first applique´ quilt top made by Mom when she was 12 years old. In the late 1960s she developed a real passion for quilting and kept a notebook to document each one. Here is the page for the 1932 quilt. More on quilts later.

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