Saturday, June 13, 2015

March 29, 1969 The 30 Girls, The Hard & Fast Sewing, The Broken Record and The Big Month

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Ann got home mid-afternoon yesterday. She had only one class so could leave early. We were certainly glad to see her. She had called Monday night to tell us she had the three day measles. There were 30 girls in the infirmary with them but they all went home so they weren't too sick. Ann has had them before but you can have this kind over.

I've really sewed hard & fast this week & have several cotton dresses ready to hem. Dresses get shorter & shorter so I didn't know how long to make them. I pinned them up but think they will all have to be changed. Patty sent me a list of pattern numbers she likes so after Easter I'll probably make her a dress. I had told her to do this so when I wanted to make something for her I would have a pattern she liked. They are to go to Atlanta today. I know they could hardly wait because Pat hasn't been home since Thanksgiving.

Daddy had better stop worrying so much in the daytime so he can sleep better at night. Does he still drink coffee at night? He'd better leave that off, too. When the weather gets warm so he can get some exercise outdoors he will sleep. Right now, our weather is terrible. The sun is out but last night's temperature broke the cold record. Maybe we are all too anxious for spring but I hope it warms up a lot before you come. Anyway, you'd better wear warm clothes. We are anxious for you to come so stay well. Ann will be here all week &won't have to start back until Monday after Easter.

She won't know about her summer job until she gets back, I suppose. The church board meets April 1 and I don't imagine the minister will write to her. He'll probably wait until she goes back for choir. She directed the adult choir last Sunday. The regular choir leader was gone so asked her to do it. That group of people are certainly nice to her. Different families take her to dinner almost every Sunday. She met the wife of former Gov. Dalton last Sunday. She was acting as a guide in the museum and Ann was with some church people. I think they all look after her and her choir is growing. There were 37 singing the last time. I think the least one is three years old.

Things are rather quiet around here. Lots of people have gone on vacation and this would be a nice time to go south. We are planning to go to Williamsburg in June for Patty's graduation so are looking forward to that. We'll probably take a week of our vacation then. Her family will be there too so it will be a big celebration. That's about the 8th of June, I think.

Then their anniversary will be the 15th & Patty's birthday the 20th. So June is a big month for them. It doesn't seem possible that they could be married almost a year.

Well, I'd better get going. I have a lot of things I want to do today and when Ann is home we talk so much I'm awfully slow.

See you Friday."




  1. Trying to imagine what Colonial Williamsburg would have been like in 1969. I doubt if you'd notice much different in the old colonial area. Single day tickets are now $40.99 for adults. Somehow "the Foundation" (The Colonial W'msburg Foundation) managed to snag the URL of back in the '90s and they do a good job with their website. We like to go up and stroll DOG (Duke Of Gloucester) street a couple of times a year when the weather's nice. City of Williamsburg and James City County have grown quite a bit since then largely due to Anheuser Busch's build of the Kingsmill resort community and Busch Gardens amusement park

    1. We haven't been back for many years, but I'm sure you're right about the Colonial district. In an upcoming post, I'm hoping to post the menu from Campbell's Tavern if I can unearth it!


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