Thursday, June 11, 2015

March 15, 1969 The Cardinals, The Bugs, The Job, The Grant and The Spring Chicken

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Well, Buddy & I have everything planned and we'll be looking for you on Good Friday. So, don't catch any bugs.

I do hope it will warm up. The cardinals sing and sing but it is blue cold. The sun is getting warmer, though, for it melts a little snow every day even if the temperature does stay down.

I finally got my coat done and wore it. It looks real nice and is very comfortable. Now I'm going to start on Ann's dresses--some cottons.

She has been offered a job in Jefferson City this summer. It would be Christian Education Director for the Presbyterian Church where she directs the choir. The minister said the church board would have to approve, of course, but thought they would go along with his suggestion. She would work with camps, Bible school & youth groups of the church all summer. It is a big responsibility for her but I guess they think she can do it or they wouldn't offer the job. She will have to find a room but the minister thinks one of the widows in the church would be happy to have her. We told her she could try it if she really wants to. I just hope she won't be lonesome but she may be so busy she won't have time.

Bob & Patty are fine. She was supposed to begin her practice teaching last week but they had a snow day so she didn't get started. Bob said the snow was all gone by 9:00 but I guess they don't have much snow & get sort of panicky when it starts. Pat has about decided to take the job in Newport News for next year. She had said it was a good school system so maybe it is so much better than the other places that it would be a better place to work. Bob still hasn't heard from the grant for the summer but his chemistry professor has offered him a job in the lab so he'll have work anyway. The grant would be with the American Petroleum Research Corporation and the other job would be research for industry but he didn't know what. This professor is head of the chem department and also Bob's advisor. He is the one who will help him get into med school if he can.

I guess Bob still keeps a record of the birds. He used to have a big batch of file cards which told about the bird, where & when he saw it and such.

I have a few pieces of wool for you and will give them to you when you come. I don't think I'll be making anything else out of wool until next winter.

The morning is about gone and all I've done is write letters. I still have one to write so I'd better say bye. Hope you are both fine & stay that way. Don't let Daddy dig in that garden & get sick or you can't come to see us. He's no spring chicken so he'd better not try too much at one time."

                               Lots of love,



  1. Ann, was your college in Missouri where Churchill made his "Curtain of Iron" speech? IIRC, his mother was from Missouri.

    1. Yes, Fulton. The Iron Curtain speech was at Westminster College, which was all men at the time, and William Woods, which was all girls. Classes were taken by most of us on both campuses. I remember working at the dedication of the Churchill memorial and will post the bulletin when it comes up in a letter. It was in May of 1969.


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