Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 1969 The Flea Market, The Kool-aid, The Shut-ins, The Cornfields and The Nice Letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"B & I have been out gadding around so I didn't get my letter written. We had heard of a little town called Rossville that had been restored so we went to see it this afternoon.

It's an old town not too far from the Indiana border about the size of Richland. They have just fixed up the store fronts and it is a pretty little town but they were having a flea market in the street. We walked around and looked at the junk & that's what it was. I saw one pitcher & 6 glasses I liked but that was $90.  There were some pretty cut glass bowls but they were all around $30.  It kept sprinkling rain all afternoon. We drove home thru Danville & had supper in Urbana. We drove around to see their new Krannert Center for The Performing Arts which opened this spring but didn't even try to get in because it looked closed. It's a beautiful center.

I have helped at Bible school every morning this week so my job is over. Another girl will work in my place next week. It is a boring job because there was not much to do after the kids were all enrolled & knew where they were to go. I made the Kool-aid & fixed that & cookies for them every day. You never saw so many cookies. The churches of Normal do this together & our church supplied all of the cookies the first two days. We had an awful lot left so they are in my freezer for our high school kids to use when they want them.

B hung my spice rack for me and it looks real nice. I don't have it full yet but that will take awhile.

Ann is still having a wonderful time with her job. She has an office now and spends mornings there but calls on shut-ins and hospital patients in the afternoons. She is enjoying that and said an old man told her he couldn't talk very well when she first went to see him but he was really gabbing before she left.

This is the first day of summer but is more like fall. The leaves even rustle like fall when the wind blows. We really need rain and our yard is getting brown but the cornfields look pretty. I don't think it's going to be knee high by the Fourth of July (which farmers here hope for) unless it turns warmer and we get some rain.

Is Uncle Floyd home yet? Do you know whether this was a skin cancer or something else?

We had a nice letter from Bob and they have bought Pat a portable Singer machine. She wants to learn to sew and I'm sure glad she does. She was to be a bridesmaid in her cousin's wedding today in Richmond so they are there tonight.

Hope you both are fine. Don't work too hard."



NOTE: There were 4 hijackings to Cuba in June of 1969 alone, with more to follow in the next months. See the cartoon below from the July, 1969 issue of McCalls magazine.


  1. Today is June 22nd and, as mentioned in this post from 1969 it doesn't feel anything like the height of summer. Cold, windy and no sign of any sun. I've never been a fan of flea markets or, as we now have, car boot sales, so I'm pleased to read that the one in your was mainly "junk".
    I laughed at the cartoon but I suppose it wasn't a laughing matter at the time.

  2. It's good to hear from you, David! The weather in Illinois can be very odd; cold when it should be warm and vice-versa!


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