Wednesday, June 24, 2015

July 5, 1969 The Lightning, The ESP, The June Apples, The Feather Stitch and The Wedding Invitations

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Yesterday was a hot, hot day and I hardly stuck my head out. We had a big rain the day before so it was real steamy. We also had a hard rain this morning but it has stopped & looks as if the sun is coming out.

Ann came home Thursday night and it was so late when she got here we were really getting worried. Bob K. came with her and we were glad because they had driven thru a terrible storm and both of them were pretty tired. There was water running across the highway in places and the lightning was terrible.

We haven't done much since they came except visit and Bob has been trying to read a book. He's in summer school at M.U.  They did go with some friends to watch the fireworks last night.

As the kids say, your ESP has been working because we have been talking about coming home. We would have come this weekend if Ann hadn't come. She has to go back today because her choir sings tomorrow. She probably won't be home anymore until her job is over.

We'll try to figure out a weekend to come home but will let you know even if we have to call. It won't be next weekend though, because we have things to do.

I wish I had some apples too, but maybe I'll get some yet. They are probably the early June ones, aren't they?

Ann tried to see Mrs. Simmons but of course she was gone by then. She goes to the hospitals & nursing homes and says she mainly listens. This work has been so good for her. The old people tell her that the young ones don't have time for them.

I got the woodwork in half of the hall painted. It looks so much better that I want to keep at it now. I have ordered new bedroom drapes from Wards and I sure hope they are all right. I kept intending to make them but I didn't know whether I'd ever get done with them.

I have started doing the feather stitch on the wool quilt. It's just pick-up work but I have two blocks done.

It is hard to do and the quilt is heavy to handle but I think it will be real pretty. I never did write to Marjorie about sending Ann's quilt to Mansfield but Ann thinks she knows a woman in Jeff. City who quilts so she's going to find out. That would be better.

Bob got his Med. school test scores and he said he was fairly pleased but we thought they were very good. All of them were above average and the math and science scores were way up. I don't know when he'll start sending out his applications.

We have three wedding invitations so I've got to get some wedding gifts.  One of them is the oldest Wheeler girl. We'd love to go but it is in early August and we can't possibly go to New Jersey then.

I had better get started on our dinner if I can get the kids out of the kitchen. There has been someone here almost constantly since Ann got home.

Hope you both are fine."



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