Thursday, June 25, 2015

July 13, 1969 The Picnic, The Surprise, The Big Bottle, The Extra Curtain Rods and The Nice Drapes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"If all goes as planned we'll be home next Friday evening (the 18th). We'll leave here sometime in the afternoon so it won't be before 8:00 and perhaps later--especially if something came up in B's office & he couldn't leave. Anyway, we won't be there for supper & don't worry if it gets late and we still haven't come. If our plans have to be changed we'll let you know. We won't go by Jeff. City but Ann hopes to come to Richland either Friday or Saturday. She'll have to go back Sat. afternoon & we'll have to leave Sunday morning. Ann wants us to have a picnic with some of her friends in Jeff. City Sunday noon so we are to be at the church by 11:30.

Horace called last night & they are coming to see us tomorrow & will stay overnight. It will be nice to have them. I don't know how long it has been since they were here. I was so surprised I didn't even ask if Sid was coming. Steve & Sally have always wanted to come but they'll be tending the store, of course.

We had a letter from Bob this week but there wasn't much news. They had a big bottle blow up in the lab but no one was hurt. Several people were working together but the glass missed everyone.

Well, it's Sunday morning. We got so involved in things yesterday I didn't get done. We had to get some extra curtain rods to fix the drapes and couldn't find what we needed Friday night. Then we had to go look Saturday morning & ended up by having to get new rods. They weren't the same size as the old ones so it was a major job to get them up.

We had potluck last night so I made a cake for that and we had to go to that without cleaning up the bedroom. Anyway, the drapes are all up now & look nice.

B wants to go to the office a few minutes before church & I want him to take this so we'll see you Friday."



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