Monday, June 1, 2015

January 4, 1969 The Lonesomeness, The Dinner, The Swedish Party and The Bride-to-Be

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is really cold and has been around zero for days. The kids don't seem to notice. They come & go as usual. Tomorrow they will all be gone & things will be quiet around here. I dread it but will work off the lonesomeness. I've done only what had to be done while they are here so the house is pretty dirty. We have all had a wonderful time and the dirt will always wait.

Ann's friend, Gary, finally got here on the bus, about 11:00 p.m. Saturday. His plane had flown over St. Louis, finally landed in Kansas City, waited a while & went back to St. Louis & could land that time. The plane to Bloomington was cancelled so he came by bus & his suitcase got here the next day. He slept in some of Bob's old pajamas so got along fine. He was real nice. New Year's Eve morning he & Ann drove to St. Louis for a party that night. They had all these plans worked out before they got here but the weather almost spoiled things. Roads were o.k. though so they went on & Ann came home alone the next day. Ann had talked of leaving for school today & staying with the same girl in St. Louis tonight, then the two of them would go on to school tomorrow but they decided not to do this the night of the party. Ann will pick up a girl in Springfield so she won't drive alone. She doesn't seem to mind in the least. B will start to Chicago with Bob & Pat real early because their plane leaves at noon so I'll probably stay at home and see Ann off about 11:00.

Our New Year's Eve dinner was real nice but very simple. We just had 13--so many were sick. We have been lucky so far & I hope we escape.

All of us went to Bones for our Swedish party Monday night. Malcolm's mother was taking the flu & she was the only one absent. There were 17 of us. Each year we seem to add some. There are 4 families & last year Patty was the new one. This year one of the other boys brought his bride-to-be. It is interesting how our group changes.

I have the iron heating so I'll have to stop & get busy. Take care of yourselves & don't get the flu."

                       Lots of love,



  1. I enjoyed seeing the various images, especially the Pontiac. I'd love to drive a big American car, just once!

  2. Those cars were long and low:-) A friend of mine had a Pontiac GTO with white leather interior, and I thought it was the most elegant car I'd ever seen!


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