Tuesday, June 2, 2015

January 12, 1969 The Storm, The Kids, The Present, The Plane and The Illinois Liberty Bell

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has seemed almost mild today with 18º after having such cold weather. We haven't had more snow but it is piled everywhere from last Sunday's storm.

We heard from all our kids today. I think they all hated to have to go back to school. We had such a good time while they were here. Ann says she has written to Rosalynn that she's coming to Richland at the end of the semester. Her exams are scattered over a week so there won't be time for her to come home. Bob and Pat were both sort of worried about exams. I don't guess anyone really enjoys exams and it is almost that time. Bob and Pat had about as hard time getting back to Williamsburg as they did getting here. Their plane left Chicago late so they missed connections in Washington, D.C. The airline finally put on another plane but their trip was a slow one and they were awfully tired.

No telling when their Christmas present for you will come. They ordered pictures for the Grandparents & were promised them for Dec. 15. They were disappointed and disgusted. Pat's mother called the photographer and he had been sick but promised them soon. so one of these days you'll have their gift.

Ann left for school about 11:00 last Sunday so I didn't go with B to take Bob & Pat to Chicago. I helped Ann load the car and it looked as if she was taking everything she owned. I don't know where she puts it all. After she had gone I took down the tree and put the furniture back in place.

Our old student girl and her family came about 4:00 and stayed until about 8:00. I had planned supper for them and we had a wonderful visit. She is the one that helped me so much when Ann was a baby. She teaches all of the time now and her mother helps with the children so they aren't alone any time. The children are sweet and acted as if they were used to coming here all of the time. It's been about five years since they were here. They are 8 & 10 years old.

Lots of things have been cancelled this week so I've stayed home and enjoyed it. I made myself a wool jersey dress and cut out two more. It may be a year before I get them done but while I had things messed up & was in the mood I went ahead.

I have to give a paper on the American Indian for a club in March so I also started reading for that. I found four books in the public library and have read one of them.

The clipping on the Illinois Liberty Bell is real interesting but I never heard of it before. I am going to save the article & maybe one of these days we'll go see the place. I have a lot of clippings about places I'd like to see.

I keep thinking how wonderful it is that Mr. Brandon actually learned to read & write. There is something good in everything and I guess that is the good in our terrible time last winter.

I'd love to come home for a weekend but there won't be any chance until March or April, probably. B brings work home every night and still is never caught up.

Stay where it's warm and away from anyone with a cold. This flu sure makes people sick and you mustn't (either one) get it."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE: To read about the bell:


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