Saturday, June 6, 2015

February 8, 1969 The Red Wool Dress, The Good Time, The Jammed Closet, The New Pattern and The Ugly Weather

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's almost noon and I haven't gotten anything done to the house yet. The post office closes at noon and I wanted to get a package off to the kids. That takes so long. I made Pat a red wool dress and was sending Bob a book and he wanted his camera. We go to the post office every few days. Either Bob or Ann are writing for something they need from home. I sent Ann a book yesterday.

B got home about 6:00 Wednesday evening & believe me, I was glad to see him. I hadn't been afraid but I was so lonesome. He had a nice trip and it seemed to rest him.

I haven't seen Audrey since the funeral but talked with her on the phone. Malcolm went back to Urbana to school but was coming home again this weekend. A niece has been staying nights with her this week. She is getting along fine.

Bob called me Tuesday night. They had been to visit Pat's dad in York, Pennsylvania and had gone skiing. Pat had fallen and hurt a knee but they had a nice long weekend.

They had both made the Dean's list with their good grades so they were happy about that.

Ann had a good time in Richland. I really don't worry about her when she starts out. I feel better when she has someone with her but she's a good driver and seems to manage real well. They have to learn to be independent & I sure can't help her by worrying over her.

We had two letters from her today. She writes so often that I am spoiled & really look forward to the mail.

I'll keep saving wool scraps and I'm sure Bob & Pat would like a wool quilt sometime. I still have mine wrapped up and haven't put in a single feather stitch although I bought the thread. I have so many projects started but have spent most of my spare time this winter sewing. Ann's closet must be jammed full and when she comes home she brings enough to last twice as long as she'll be here.

If you buy a new pattern be sure and check the size and the length before you cut it. The new sizing is numbered one size smaller. I always bought a 14. Now I buy a 12 it it's the new sizing. They are all marked but they are terribly short. I ended up with 1¾" hem on the last dress because I didn't notice how short the pattern was.

The weather is ugly again. It has been snowing but I think it's raining now. This is the ugly time in Illinois and I can hardly wait for spring.

B is working today and will be here for lunch most anytime so I'd better stop & see what I can find.

Take care of yourselves."

                       Lots of love,


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