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August 9, 1969 The Big Mistake, The Rotten Tomatoes, The Great Time, The Interesting Trip and The Two Cotton Dresses

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I enjoyed the clipping about the old college bell. I'd like to see that campus. People have told me it is very beautiful in the spring because wild flowers bloom all thru the grass around the old buildings. We enjoy riding thru campuses and just last sunday we rode around Shimer College in Mount Carroll, Illinois. It was alongside the road we were traveling so we stopped. This school has had an interesting history--was started by the U. of Chicago but is independent now. It has had some troubles & fired its president about two years ago. He was one of Larsen's friends and they think the school made a big mistake when they fired the man.

We had some rain last night and really needed it. Our yard was getting real brown but we keep getting a tomato or two every day. They are 39¢ a lb. in the store. Isn't that terrible? People around here aren't getting good tomatoes out of their gardens this year though. Everyone complains and I've had a lot that rot before they ripen or something eats on them.

Ann had a great time in Richland with all the kids and I guess you didn't see much of her. She called Monday to visit a bit because she hadn't had time to write. I guess she's almost run her legs off since the minister went on vacation. She's been doing some of his errands, too.

Did I tell you she asked the old lady to quilt the quilt you made? I hope Ann gets it taken care of because she was to take Gertie to get the lining, etc. Gertie said it should have dacron batting & dacron-cotton lining so it would be nice.

You shouldn't worry about your house every time you have club. I had a dinner party Tuesday night & ran the vacuum on Friday before. We were gone over the weekend & I figured it was silly so I just dusted & forgot about the sweeping.

Tuesday was Larsen's 37th anniversary so we had 11 people for a buffet dinner. I had melon balls, barbecued brisket, a rice dish, your 3 bean salad, corn and chocolate tarts for dessert. Then we just sat around and visited.

Two of the men know quite a lot about stones so I showed them the ones I brought home. They didn't think the blue one was real but they said the red ones looked real. They also said there wasn't anyone here that could really tell us. One of the men works for Funk's Seed Corp. and travels all over the world. He brings his wife jewelry from all these countries & she has some of the prettiest things I've ever seen.

We had an interesting trip last weekend. The wedding was in a beautiful, tiny church that looked a hundred years old but is actually about 5 years old. The altar was very old & the organ had been built into an old piano. There were 6 or 8 windows in the place and there was a canary cage hanging in each window. When the organ started the canaries just sang their hearts out. The reception was in a big lodge near by and it was real nice. The room was full of tables & after you got your punch & sandwiches, nuts, etc. you sat down at a table. When everyone had been seated, waitresses poured coffee & then served wedding cake as the couple ate it. I've never seen a reception like that.

Maybe we'll get home in time to help Daddy eat his turnips. We're still eating cucumbers from your garden & they are still good.

I've sewed a little this week & have two cotton dresses about done for myself. I need them too, & could finish them in a little while if I'd stay with it but I don't want to. I think I need my glasses changed & can't get my eyes checked until November. I made the appointment about a month ago but that was the soonest I could get in so I just have to wait.

We want to go to an outdoor church service on campus tomorrow but from the way things look now it will have to be moved indoors. The sky is all clouded up & it is pretty dark. The churches have joint services the next few weeks & this is one of them.

We'll be leaving for Hatteras next Friday morning & will get there on Sun. afternoon. After we get our travel plans made I'll write & tell you the route. Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,


NOTE:  Here's a recent and interesting article about Shimer College:


  1. That sounded like a perfectly nice wedding to me. Emilia and I disagree on how many people came to ours. She thinks 30+, I think no more than 20, but we agree to count the preacher's dog either way. We had our reception at her parents' house.
    Not sure what to think about Shimer College. Sounds like Doonesbury's Walden in some way.
    I hope you have your mom's directions from Illinois to Hatteras. Nowadays I'd guess I-55 south to I-24 to I-40 east to Raleigh then US 64 east to NC 158. We went from Scott AFB to Carolina Beach a couple of times.

  2. I don't know anything about Shimer and hadn't heard of it until this letter. Mom always gave the directions to my grandparents, along with the make and model of our car and the tag number in case the state police needed to reach us-haha!! Fortunately that never happened.


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