Saturday, June 27, 2015

August 2, 1969 The First Dress, The Good Time, The Civil War, The Favorite Supper and The Rabbit's Nest

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It hardly seems possible that August is here. Ann's job will be over and we'll be starting to Cape Hatteras in two weeks. We are all getting anxious. Bob wrote that he & Pat had gone to Hatteras and camped last weekend. He said it was wonderful.

Pat has been making her first dress and Bob said it looked pretty good. I'll bet she did alright with it. He is enjoying his research and says he'll probably go on with the same thing in one of his classes next year.

Your trip to West Plains sounds so nice. I know you had a good time. I can't even remember when I was in West Plains last.

This has been a cool week and I've had the house open all week. It seems humid tonight but we'll leave the air conditioned off anyway.

Tomorrow we are going to a wedding at Rockton, Illinois. That is almost to Beloit, Wisconsin so we're going to make a trip out of it and come home Sunday evening. The wedding is at 2:00 so I don't know what time we'll leave there. We may go over west to Galena, Illinois. That is where President Grant's home is. It's open to the public, I think. The town gave it to him after the Civil War.

I'm getting a few tomatoes now--one or two most every day. They are terribly high in the store so I haven't bought any. We haven't had any bacon-tomato sandwiches on Sunday night yet. That's one of our favorite suppers.

I made myself a yellow knit dress this week & plan to wear it tomorrow. I fitted it very carefully--basted even--and then after I had the seams pressed it was too tight. It was sure aggravating and the seams will probably always show where I let them out. I pressed & pressed and will just wear it anyway.

Did I tell you about the rabbit nest in our yard? It's right in the middle of the front yard where a little patch of grass had died & it's full of baby rabbits. B had to mow around it last night. This is the third nest of them we've had this year. The other two were in my flower bed in the back. I think they know we won't bother them.

I hope you both are rested by now & that Daddy's hip feels better."



NOTE: Below, hear Ted Kennedy's remarks about the car accident in which his young companion, Mary Jo Kopechne was killed.


  1. How long did it take to drive from Illinois to Cape Hatteras in 1969, ie, before the interstate highways were completed? I'm guessing about four days each way.
    It's been some years since I've been down there and I'd like to see Ocracoke again. Maybe when the weather cools (and the tourists disappear) this fall.

    1. That was always 3 very long days, but my parents continued to make that drive for 30 more years. We always tried to see a lot along the way when possible. Hurricanes have changed parts of that shoreline pretty significantly. I haven't been in about 5 years, but I will never make the drive from Norfolk to Nags Head on a weekend. Bumper to bumper horrible and absurd lines at the grocery store on arrival:-)


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