Monday, June 29, 2015

August 14, 1969 The Insurance Man, The Mountains and The Truckload of Weeds

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We don't know whether Ann will be home tonight or tomorrow. She said she had so many things to take care of which she wanted to do but really didn't have to. We'll just have to wait and see.

B wants to get an estimate on the Mustang repair to send the insurance man before we leave. He's an agent in Lebanon and we had a letter from him this week so things will work out. We won't try to have the work done until we get home from our trip but we do want to send the agent an answer.

We plan to go south to Knoxville, Tenn. & then thru the Great Smoky National Park & across North Carolina to Manteo, N.C. where there is a bridge to the strip of land that goes down to Cape Hatteras. The roads will be slow because they are thru the mountains but we expect to get to the cottage about 2:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon. The place is

                                                    Lighthouse View Court
                                                    Buxton, North Carolina
                                                    phone 919 995-2371

We'll be there until mid-morning Sunday, Aug. 27th. Then we'll go to Williamsburg to stay until Tuesday morning. We'll be home Wednesday night or Thursday. B doesn't have to go back to work until Sept. 1 so we aren't going to hurry. He is out doing errands this morning but doesn't feel as if he's on vacation yet. When we get the car packed & get out of town he'll feel like it.

I've been pulling weeds this week. They come out easily but I think there would be a truckload if I got all of them. You can't even see the peonies in some places.

Well, Ann came buzzing home just before supper so we plan to leave right after lunch tomorrow. She seems tired but fine.

Bob's phone is 703 229-0173 if you should need us after we leave Hatteras.

Hope you both are fine."




  1. Lebanon, IL was fairly close to Scott AFB. A couple of guys I worked with lived there and, IIRC, there was a small school called McKendree College there.
    I love that picture of Buxton! Doubt if you'd find it so sparsely populated now, though not nearly as crowded as the upper OBX. I haven't been down there since they moved the lighthouse. Too long. Your folks were smart to head across to Manteo as opposed to the more northern route over to Kitty Hawk. Keeping fingers crossed for another quiet hurricane season! Storms can absolutely wreak havoc on the OBX, especially the tourism.

  2. We loved being down at Buxton, then moved up to Nags Head. Mega-crowds now of course. Can't believe we could drive on the sand back then! The move of the lighthouse was an amazing feat.


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