Tuesday, May 19, 2015

September 29, 1968 The Old Teas, The Opening Luncheon, The Speaker from Rutgers and The Flying Dirt

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm almost ready to go to another tea but will try to get this done in time to mail it. I'd like to just stay at home. There have been so many teas it gets sort of old.

Last Sunday was the President's tea for all new faculty & so there were hundreds of people there. In the evening we went to one of the new professor's home for dinner. It was nice but it made a long day.

Thursday was our opening luncheon for the As You Like It Club. I made the arrangements so I was on the phone a lot checking to see if things were taken care of. It turned out real nice. The four people on the program committee give the luncheon & that is our entertaining for the group for the year. I'm chairman of that committee so it means I do most of the work & have to introduce each book review.

Thursday morning I went to a coffee but had to leave early because of the luncheon. All of us had been to a lecture the day before so we were talking about that and I hated to leave.

B & I went to a luncheon after the lecture and enjoyed that because the speaker was from Rutgers and knows Jim Wheeler.

We haven't heard from Wheelers since Spring but one of their girls was supposed to come here for graduate work. She didn't come and when we checked on it she had sent a wire saying she would have to stay in the east. I just imagine they want their family to stay close together as long as there is any chance that the cancer will crop up somewhere in young Jim's system. I must write to them soon.

I had a letter from Beulah this week. It was almost like mental telepathy because I'd been thinking every day that I would write to her.

B & I have really made the dirt fly this weekend. We rented a rug cleaning machine & dry cleaned every bit of the carpeting. The man brought the machine & 38 lbs. of cleaner at noon time Friday. I started right away and we worked until 10:00 that night. Then started early yesterday morning. B also washed all the windows so things look pretty good even if I didn't do the walls. I'll do a bit of that at a time or the worst parts anyway.

Our potluck group comes here tonight but I have my table all set.

Hope you both are fine."



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