Monday, May 18, 2015

September 22, 1968 The Rain, The Clean Rooms, The Trunk, The Picture and The Tomatoes

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been to a dinner and the football game but left because it started to rain. Today has been so nice we didn't expect the rain so I didn't have anything for my head. It is hot and we have the air conditioning on again. Last night we went to a dinner and then to a reception and we have the same tomorrow.

The kids' rooms are all cleaned now but I haven't done the upstairs bathroom. Ann will probably be bringing some of her girl friends home with her one of these days and I want to have the upstairs ready.

Bob called today. They are all straightened up in their apartment and have all their things moved out of dormitory attics.

Bob's trunk had been opened and a lot of things were gone--radio, dictionary, sweaters, etc. This happened last year but he was really mad this time--said he was going to hunt around and see who had the things. The trunk was locked but it didn't make any difference. He had stored his clothing at the cleaners and it's a good thing, I guess.  Pat's mother was going to stay in Williamsburg until next Tuesday and that will give them a chance to get Bob's clothes from the cleaners.

My cold is gone and B didn't take it but he has a sore throat tonight so it may be the beginning of one.

Bob had the picture hanging on the big wall in the living room and we've just left it there. It doesn't have a frame but the canvas is stretched on boards so it hangs fine. We have another one without a frame too but they'll just have to stay that way for awhile.

I'm still getting a few tomatoes and there are loads of green ones. they still taste real good, too.

Ann seems to be doing fine and seems to be real happy. She put her student membership in the First Christian Church and seems real excited about things at the church. She thinks the minister & his wife are wonderful. Her "big sister" is majoring in religious education and Ann thinks she might minor in religion.

Too busy to be homesick...
I don't think she's had time to be homesick. They keep them terribly busy at first so they won't.

Hope you both are fine."

              Lots of love,


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