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September 14, 1968 The Suitcases & Boxes, The Big Picture, The Raspberry Cobbler and The 13,000 Students

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The last two days have been just wonderful after our cold weather.

Letter clipping & snapshot of Ann shaking hands (right) and the dorm room

Sunday was rainy & cold all day but Ann has a real nice room and her roommate seemed nice too. We ate lunch just out of Fulton and got Ann unloaded barely in time to get to the Parents' meeting. She was all unpacked by the time we finished that so we brought back suitcases & boxes.

We stayed a few minutes with her & came on home. I think it was about 8:30 when we got here. I took Patty's cold and felt miserable Sunday afternoon so we didn't go by Roger's. We had planned toward it but my nose was running and I was sneezing so I didn't think they'd want us or need my germs.

William Woods is full to capacity and I think Ann will like it there. She called twice this week & wrote a fast letter. We had forgotten her coat and sweaters so she needed them & later had to have her tennis racket for gym. She had been to a church party and was going to meet the minister's wife on Wednesday so she could play the church's organ. She says she doesn't want to major in music but she can't leave it alone so I hope she'll go back to it after all.

We took Bob & Pat to the Bloomington airport on Tuesday.

The picture on which the painting was based

Bob painted me a big picture for the living room while we were gone Sunday. It is very nice--from a picture we had taken of San Francisco. Patty said she was bored all day because she had wanted to go to Fulton with us but there wasn't room. We all rode in the front seat.

I made the cobbler with the raspberries & it was really good. That is sure a lazy dessert. I also baked some of the sweet potatoes. They were wonderful.

ISU campus, 1968
We are eating leftovers. It doesn't take much for two people. This week has been all mixed up anyway. B has spent extra time at school so we've eaten whenever he'd get home. There are 1000 more students than expected so they are all scrambling for classroom space for them. We have 13,000 this year.

ISU dorms under construction, 1968
Our new minister preaches his first sermon tomorrow so we want to go, of course. He is real young and has four children.

I have the hose turned on the evergreens so I'd better go see about it. The ground is so dry."

                                    Lots of love,


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