Friday, May 22, 2015

October 27, 1968 Humphrey, Nixon, Dixon & B

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're having another beautiful day but there have been some ugly ones. I told you last weekend was homecoming & it turned out to be a gorgeous day after rain being predicted. We went to the football game an hour early but over half of the seats were already full. Over 20,000 saw that game. We came right home to watch the college bowl and were sorry our boys didn't win but they made a good showing. They were ahead mid-way in the program but a few missed questions really puts a team behind in a hurry. I always enjoyed that show and I wish they'd left it on Sunday. I don't have much chance to watch on Saturday.

We have watched quite a bit this week. We saw the Humphrey hour but I didn't even know Nixon was to have one until it was all over.

I'm sending an editorial that I think is quite good. It is special for another reason because it is unheard of for our paper here to endorse a Democrat. This is a Republican stronghold and always votes for the party no matter how stupid the candidate. I am not afraid for Nixon to be president, although I don't think he'd make a very good one, but I am afraid for Spiro Agnew to be vice-president. Imagine him in the Whitehouse! One bullet could put him there if he becomes our elected vice-president. The U.S. had better give this some deep thought before we vote for him.

Bob & Pat have become real interested in their family trees. They have been looking up things in the library there & Bob says that library is really good for that sort of thing.

Do you know what Bessie found out in her hospital tests? I keep thinking I'll hear from them but they probably don't have the pep to write.

I'll save Jeane Dixon's article but I almost wish she'd quit broadcasting her predictions. It doesn't do us any good to know that stuff ahead of time & it is upsetting to read some of it. I'm sure lots of people must really believe every word and worry about it. I promptly forget it so I'll have to save the article to know if any of it comes true.

I was surprised, like everyone else, about Jackie's wedding but I think the reporters ought to be ashamed of themselves for saying so many nasty things about it. I think they are all peeved because she didn't tell them every little detail ahead of time. I agree with Cardinal Cushing that it is her life & she deserves some happiness. If Onassis can give her that then let him lavish his millions on her. She's had enough unhappiness. Time had a long article that was the fairest thing I've read. I'll save it for you.

I've been picking out walnuts in front of T.V. this week and have about 1/2 gal. of goodies. B cracked all of them for me so I'll keep working at them. It's wonderful to have them to cook with. We had to keep them inside the garage to dry & had to keep the door shut because the squirrels found them. They can carry them off in a hurry.

As I have time I'm going to start baking & freezing for Christmas. It's going to be here before we know it. I have quite a bit of room in my freezer now so I'm going to make use of it.

Did you ever do anything about a refrigerator? I didn't think about it when we were there.

I'm gradually getting a few things done which have been waiting for months & more. This week I repotted my Christmas cactus but I don't suppose I'll ever get all of the things done. There are two chairs in the basement which I want to recover but I never get at it.

B is working in the yard & I'd better get the kitchen mopped.

Hope you both are fine."

                    Lots of love,


NOTE: If interested, read Jeane Dixon's predictions below:

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