Thursday, May 21, 2015

October 19, 1968 The Snappy Day, The Short Visit, The Box of Walnuts and The Quill Club

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Today is homecoming here so we have been to the parade. It's a beautiful, snappy day so there is a big crowd in town. We will go to the football game after lunch. There are lots of things going on but we aren't going to anything else.

I suppose Ann got to Richland o.k. At least, she was planning to go when she called us Friday noon. She seems to think she can call & talk to us as if she were across town. Apparently, the other kids do that but I don't think that it helps them learn to be independent.

We enjoyed our short visit at home and were glad we got to see everyone. Buddy & Bessie look pretty good. Marjorie & Roger were there doing their laundry so it was nice to see them too. Buddy seems bored with his idleness but didn't say when he'd go back to work. Bessie was planning to take part in some Eastern Star stuff before she went back to the hospital on Thursday. Buddy is just beginning to find out how sick he was and she says he still gets upset when he looks at the cards he got. I don't know whether he has seen all of them yet, or not. We stayed a long time and they seemed glad to see us.

It stopped raining on us before we got to Pacific & the rest of the day was pretty nice. I put on a raincoat & picked up a big box of walnuts in B's mom's yard before we left. They are all hulled & dry but I haven't cracked any yet.

Your letter just came and I hope you feel better now, Mother. You had better leave the yard alone.

I had Quill Club here yesterday so have the house all clean for once. It has been a busy week but I don't seem to get much done. I work on my quilt top in the evenings & there sure is a lot of embroidery on it.

We're going to a tea tomorrow so I've got to wash my hair after the game today.

I have to teach Sunday School in the morning but I sure wish I could get out of that. It makes it hard to go out of town & wish the kids gone we might get to go a few more places on Sunday.

It's almost lunch time so I'll say bye for now."

                        Lots of love,


NOTE:  Many years ago Mom & I got a chuckle out of this letter. She said, "I guess I shouldn't have said to call anytime!"  After a few months, I stopped calling and she starting calling me, but long distance calls were expensive and quite short!

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