Saturday, May 23, 2015

November 4, 1968 The Parents' Weekend

Dear Mother & Daddy,    Sunday Evening

"We left early Friday & spent the weekend with Ann so didn't get our letters written.  Friday was hot, but beautiful & the trees are still pretty.  Saturday was cooler & rain started mid-afternoon. It got colder & colder & was still raining a little when we left.

There was a lot planned for parents & lots of parents were there.

We met several of Ann's teachers & heard Ann play for the chorus that sang. She hasn't lost her touch a bit & we were so proud of her.

Her roommate's parents couldn't come so she spent the time with us.  Her name is Bonnie. She was in the horse show so we went to that--watched it with Kathleen Neukomm and her family.  We didn't go see Lessie but Ann wanted us to. We'll do that another time."



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