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November 10, 1968 The Snow, The Photographer's Window, The Whole Idea, The First Family and The Exciting Election

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been snowing the last two days but it melts as fast as it falls.  The red & orange leaves are still on lots of the bushes & trees so things are still pretty. The woods were still beautiful last Sunday when we went to Fulton. I can't remember what I told you on the card but we went on 54 so we could get some apples at Stark's. That is a beautiful drive because it crosses both the Illinois & Missouri Rivers. It goes thru a lot of little towns & B hates to drive it but it's nice to look at.

We got to Fulton a little after 1:00 p.m. just in time to go to the President's tea for parents. He had the flu but we met a lot of Ann's teachers. I didn't have a chance to change clothes & went in that blue jacket dress you've seen me wear so much & my low walking heels. It didn't matter anyway. It was so hot everyone looked wilted. It turned cold Saturday though & rained the rest of the time. Ann's roommate's parents couldn't come so she went everywhere with us. Friday night we went to Columbia and got one of Ann's classmates from Normal (she goes to Stephens) & we all went out to eat. The girls wanted to visit so B & I window shopped while they went to the dorm & visited for awhile. We saw Jeanette's? picture in a photographer's window display. I don't even know how to spell her name.

Jim Bishop's book about the day Kennedy was shot is ready to come out or already has. I had hoped he'd given up the whole idea because Mrs. Kennedy had begged him not to write it soon after Kennedy was shot & Bishop had announced he was going to. I, for one, will not buy it & do not want to read it because he was so ugly about it at the time.

You are the first family I ever knew to be interviewed by any of the big name pollsters. In fact, I always wondered how they had their polls made. You gave her a good answer on Jackie. Elizabeth Taylor was the one person who put the reporters in their places when so many nasty remarks were being made about the wedding. I don't remember the questions about Onassis she was asked but it wasn't very nice. She glared at the reporter and said, "Have you met him? He's the kindest man I ever met." My respect for Elizabeth Taylor went up a bit.

Is Uncle Floyd home yet? I thought I'd write him a card but things stacked up on the desk & it slipped my mind. One of our old teachers died this week & we had to go to the funeral. Toni sat with us & I asked her to come home with me. She looked so lonesome but she was happier when she left. She just talked a blue streak about Watty so I was glad she came.

What hospital is Ruby in? No one ever says so I still haven't sent her a card.

I had women here for lunch both Mon. & Tues.  A well-known children's author was here to speak at the Methodist Church so Quill Club invited her to have lunch with us. They came here but I just made coffee & set the table. They brought the food & it's a good thing I didn't have to cook because the phone rang all morning. I sure didn't do any cleaning. It was the first time I ever had a party without dusting.

The election was really exciting. We spent most of the evening watching. I went to bed at mid-night but B watched till 3:00 a.m. That was when Humphrey went to bed so B figured he could give up then, too. I still admire the vice-president. I think he's a wise and fine person. May God grant that Nixon will prove to be the same.

We had a letter from Marjorie today asking us to come for Thanksgiving. We hope we can go & will at least, begin to plan that way. She says her Mom & Dad are both doing fine. Buddy is working ½ days. She has talked to Charlotte so let's all try this time.

I must write to Bob so bye for now."



NOTE: The food section of the Ladies Home Journal featured author Truman Capote and "The Thanksgiving Visitor", Capote's story to be shown for the first time on T.V. See below:

 Watch election coverage below:

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