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June 9, 1968 The Pace, The Telephone, The Bouquet of Ribbon Lilies, The Salad Forks and The Missouri Primroses

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I don't know whether I'll be ready to start to Atlanta Tuesday morning or not. The pace is about to get all of us down. I have turned down invitations and cancelled things but the telephone seems to ring constantly & there seems to be a stream of people at the door. Lots of people have brought presents for the kids for us to take.

I wrapped your gift in shiny white paper & made a bouquet of ribbon lilies for the top. It made a beautiful package & I got a real pretty card & forged your name on it.

We got Bob in Chicago about 5:30 Tuesday so we were home before dark. Ann didn't have much school this week but had to practice for the different events.

We went to their class night program Thursday night and then to her graduation Friday night. It was real nice. Senator David Davis spoke, there was a horn solo & the girls' ensemble sang. Ann played for them. She & some friends have gone to a picnic after church today.

Bob & I have spent a lot of time getting things together for their camping trip. They are going for two weeks instead of a month because they still don't have their jobs. They don't know why they haven't heard from the civil service but think the government has cut back the funds for it.

Since their trip won't be a long one they won't get to come to Richland. Bob is real disappointed but maybe something will happen that they can come sometime this summer. If not, it will be Christmas vacation because they plan to come home. We haven't worked out the way to get the Mustang back home but they won't even get to come here after their trip.

I have had a letter from Beulah & Bessie but I simply can't' find time to answer now.

Ann took her graduation money and bought some salad forks with it.  I had told her she could have green stamps to start collecting some stainless steel she liked & the set she is getting is only service for four & had no salad forks. It is very pretty. She had ordered a teaspoon with a coupon that she took out of a magazine & liked it so much. It is Hacienda but I've forgotten which company.

We still have lots of peonies and the Missouri Primroses are just gorgeous. It is just a mass of yellow.

I probably will not have time to write again until we are back from Atlanta. We are going to start Tuesday & will get there Wednesday afternoon. We will start back to Normal at dawn on Sunday, June 16 & will have to drive all the way that day because B opens summer school Monday, 17th.

I'll write about everything when I can but my letter may be a little late.

We are fine and happy & hope you both are too.



Our motel in Atlanta:

            Rodeway Inn
            3387 Lenox Road, N.E.
            telephone 404-261-5500

NOTE: The family tradition was that girls, after graduation from high school would begin a "Hope Chest".  Thus, my first contribution to it would be the salad forks. I think it was the only thing I ever put in it:-)


  1. I had a smile when I read about the forged signature:-) More interesting images, especially the telephones. I think British Telecom were several years behind AT & T but eventually I can remember fitting most of the 'phones in your picture (or very similar). By the way, my mother was never like her!

  2. Many small towns had, and still have, their own telephone companies. I think that's amazing today! I like the old phones since they were very substantial and heavy. They lasted forever it seemed! And, I have yet to find anyone who thought she was like their mother:-) What a crazy ad!


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