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June 22, 1968 The Letter, The Wonderful Time, The Magnolias, The Doctor and The Captain

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There isn't much to write but I was glad you enjoyed my letter about the wedding. I had planned to write a sort of diary for you while we were in Atlanta but there simply wasn't time. I didn't even get to downtown Atlanta and saw very little of the city.

I think B drove downtown while Ann & I were at the luncheon.

Bob called from New Orleans Wednesday evening. They were having a wonderful time and were to drive to Galveston, Texas on Thursday. There is a national park near there and I guess they will camp there for a few days if the place looks good.

I'm sorry Aunty Beatrice is having such a time. I have a card ready to send her but hope she'll be home by the time it reaches her. I didn't have a suitable one so had to wait until I got to the store.

Yes, we saw several mimosa trees but not nearly so many as we saw the spring we went to New Orleans. I guess they bloom more in April. Magnolias were blooming too but Atlanta's beauty seems to be in trees. There are thousands of trees in that city.

I haven't done much this week. Tuesday I had my annual physical exam so that took an afternoon. Maybe you remember that my old doctor died last fall so I went to a different one. He is so different from Dr. Ball that I have to keep reminding myself that he's one of the best. There aren't many doctors like Dr. Ball, though. If Bob could ever be like him even a little he would be wonderful.

I thought I was going to have to work at the vacation Bible school this week but when I went to the church Wednesday morning they didn't need me. There are 5 churches working together and have about 300 children enrolled. All of the 3 year olds and all of the third graders have classes in our church. The other classes meet in 2 other churches in Normal.

It has been nice to be able to work at my own pace this week and not have to watch the clock. I've cleaned some drawers and sort of puttered around. Next week I'll have to get to work, though and start some real cleaning.

I didn't get this finished last night. B is at a two day meeting in Chicago but will be home this afternoon. Ann has gone to the church to set up her music for several Sundays and then she was to go to the Salvation Army for a wedding rehearsal. The wedding is this afternoon, at the Salvation Army. The captain called her and asked her to play for it and she'll be paid.

We have potluck tonight and I'm taking the salad. I'm taking a big bowl of watermelon & cantaloupe balls & that has taken most of my morning to fix. I had intended to make a honey dressing but don't have enough salad oil so maybe I won't take any dressing.

I must stop and clean up the house a bit. The time goes so fast and it has been quite a while since I swept the rugs.

Hope you both are fine."

                   Lots of love,


P.S. "Someday I want the letter about the wedding to keep. I knew you would keep it and I still have the letters I wrote you from Japan. They remind me of things long forgotten."

NOTE:  In spite of the fun and joy in our family during the summer of 1968, there was sadness in the national news to which Mom would repeat once again, "We are a troubled country."

And now, Dr. & Mrs. F.B. Belshe & Ann cordially invite you to the wedding of Bob & Pat:


  1. Father's Day is a relatively recent celebration over here, I can't remember it when I was a boy.

    1. It never really occurred to me that Father's Day was a traditional American holiday. It's a very big advertising and marketing deal here, still.


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