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June 2, 1968 The Two Nice Days, The Strawberries, The Pink Shoes, The Dacron Comforter and The Silly Accident

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We've had two nice days with rain in between so B's mowing the grass. It sure is pretty & thick. I pulled a few weeds Thursday and they came up so easily I wanted to stay at it but didn't have the time. It has stayed cool but the peonies are opening up slowly. A warm day and everything will pop at once.

The little mimosas are growing and all look healthy. The one I planted last year froze at the top but has sprouted at ground level again. Maybe it will be strong enough by fall to stand cold weather.

The strawberries sound so good. I wish I could pick a handful myself. I bought a few Georgia peaches at the store today and told B I was going to buy a basketful if I could when we go to Atlanta. I think we'll be so busy we won't have a chance to find peaches.

It took longer in Chicago than we had hoped but we did find B a suit just like Bob's. I couldn't find my pink shoes, though, so am having some dyed to match my dress. They were supposed to be ready tonight but weren't.

I think I told you I was going to get Bob & Patty a dacron comforter with your money. I'll enclose the picture of it but the real thing is much prettier than the picture. It is just beautiful and light as a feather but real thick. I'll wrap it real pretty & put a card in it. They will love it. It is filled with dacron, the top is printed (flowers) nylon & the underside is yellow and plain nylon. It is all washable.

I stopped to listen to Senators McCarthy & Kennedy but the program was too short.

We hadn't heard any more from
Wheelers but I guess Jim is getting along all right. He is 21, I think. They had planned to be in Michigan this summer but I don't know whether this will change things or not.

Our church board thought we had a minister but I think he turned them down. I haven't heard anything about it this week.

B wanted me to tell you he bought a dress shirt with his birthday money and I bought myself a purse today with mine. It is bone leather and real nice. I've meant to buy one all spring but just couldn't get around to it.

I finally got Bob's books put away, and his room straightened up. He sure has a lot of books. We expect him to call tomorrow night. We expect to have to meet him in Chicago on Tuesday. Then it will be a whirlwind week to et his things ready for the wedding. We'll leave here the 10th.

I had a silly accident last night and had to go see the eye doctor. I splashed Ajax cleanser in my eye while I was scrubbing the sink. It didn't hurt & I rinsed it out real quick but my vision began to blur & the pupil looked peculiar so I get scared. The eye wasn't damaged at all but he said the chemical caused a spasm in the eye where it hit and that made it look strange. It is fine today.

I'm getting sleepy so I'd better stop. Hope you both are fine."

                             Lots of love,


NOTE: See below, an interview with Robert Kennedy, June 5, 1968.

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