Tuesday, May 5, 2015

July 7, 1968 The Bones, The Kidneys, The Ankle, The Kids and The Wonderfully Cool Week

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"This week has been all mixed up with the holiday. Ann went to Wisconsin with a friend on Wednesday so B & I didn't do anything special on the Fourth except to go to a show. She'll be home tonight.

Bones were here for supper Tuesday night and brought the pictures they took at the wedding. None of us took very many but I hope someday to see what the professional photographer took. Patty's uncle took a lot, too, but we may never see those.

Bob called Monday night from Atlanta. They got back that afternoon after a wonderful trip. They were camped on the beach the night the storm hit Galveston so they got soaked but were laughing about it. Pat's dad is in a hospital at Chattanooga where he had kidney stoned removed. He didn't feel well when we were there for the wedding but kept ignoring it. He finally told B he was worried about it being the kidneys but went back to work on Monday after we left. He manufactures candy making machines & the plant is in Chattanooga. We're anxious to hear how he is. Bob & Pat thought they'd go see him yesterday. It's about a 200 mile drive.

The kids have a lot to do. They had all of the gifts to pack up and put away. I would think they'd decide what to take to Williamsburg when they do this because they won't want to take everything.

I hope Daddy's ankle is better. It takes so long for something like that to get well. How is Charlotte feeling? I remember how sick I was and she is a lot older than I was so I know it has been pretty bad for her. How old is Aunt Beatrice? How can the doctor give her medicine if he doesn't know what is wrong with her? Maybe she needs some glucose like they gave Daddy. That seemed to help so much.

I keep wanting to sew but am too lazy, I guess. I did cut out a cotton dress yesterday and then took a nap so didn't sew a stitch. Maybe I'm unwinding but I seem to tired. This spring was so hectic there wasn't time to be tired then.

It has been a wonderfully cool week and we haven't used the air conditioning until today. Everything is so pretty & flowers are blooming everywhere. The mimosa is growing like a weed. I hope the roots are going deep so it won't freeze this winter.

Take care of yourselves."

                          Lots of love,



  1. Sewing and dress making seem to be recurring threads through these notes (excuse the pun). The advert for gas powered air conditioning is interesting. :-)

  2. Yes, Mom was always sewing, always bought fabric when she thought it would make a good dress, and could always create something of better quality than was available in our small town. I never really learned to sew and never really wanted to, but there are times when I wish I could!

    In the 1960s here there were many, many ads for gas appliances; furnaces, AC, ovens, etc. and it was always mentioned how "clean" it was to use.


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