Wednesday, May 27, 2015

December 3, 1968 The Last Minute, The Good Time, The Peoria Airport and There Isn't Any News

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I'm running late for everything this week. I was even late to Sunday School this morning & I had to teach. Ann planned to wait until after S.S. to start back to Fulton but it started to snow & she wanted to get started so I just stayed home helping her until the last minute.

She was almost ready to go when I went on to S.S. The weather looks better now & the highways are probably all right but she'll call us when she gets there. She was picking up a girl in Springfield so didn't have far to go alone. I have a teachers' meeting at church this afternoon but B will stay home & wait till she calls.

She had a good time seeing all her friends and catching up on the news. The time went so fast but she'll be back Dec. 19 & that isn't long off.

All of us enjoyed our short visit in St. Louis. It was nice for all of us to sit down together for Thanksgiving but it hardly seemed as if we've been there. I just didn't get to visit with you at all but I'm thankful we could go & get back home safely.

I'll try to write to Beulah soon. I have so many things coming up I don't see how they are going to fit in but I guess they'll get done some way.

Wheelers will be here next weekend so I'll be very late with my letter--probably won't get to write until they leave on Monday. Jim is going to give a talk for a meeting here on campus so Eve is coming with him. We'll meet them at the Peoria Airport Friday afternoon & they'll stay with us. We're going to try to ask some people in to see them on Sunday, probably.

I'm anxious to hear what Charlotte found out at the doctor. I wish she'd find what's wrong. She is sick too much.

There isn't any news so I'd better get a few things done before my meeting. I never get much done before lunch on Sunday.

Hope you both are fine."



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