Sunday, May 31, 2015

December 28, 1968 The Car Heater, The Wonderful Christmas, The Nice Box, The Tweedy Wool and The Jersey

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"Lunch is in the oven and the kids are playing a game so I'll have a little time. B is working on the car heater. This is no time for it to quit because it is real cold and we have snow with ice under it. It poured rain yesterday & it turned to snow and sleet last night.

We had a wonderful Christmas and it was so good to talk to you. I wish we could come home while the kids are here but we won't be able to. B hates to have to go to the office while we're all home but he can't do much about it. We have to be co-hosts for a New Year's Eve dinner & we're dreading it. We'd much rather stay at home alone but it's our turn to have the group that gets together every year. At least they don't come here for it's Browns' turn.

All of us were so pleased with the things you sent. Bob & Pat are always happy to have money & Ann likes things for her hope chest.

B needed, & was real glad to get the nice shirt. It takes an awful lot of shirts for him. I always like to have one nice gown put back & I didn't have any so I was real happy with the the gown and you know I love pretty hankies.

It was a very nice box of presents but we always wish you wouldn't send so much. We got Ann clothes and Bob & Pat a typewriter. That is what they wanted and they have been practicing all week. They didn't have one & really liked it.

We're expecting one of Ann's friends today but the planes aren't landing so we don't know how or when he'll get here. He goes to Missouri Univ. at Rolla but his family is in Louisville, Kentucky. He planned to fly to St. Louis & then to Bloomington but the storm changed that.

Our tree is still pretty & I think I'll leave it up until the kids all leave. Then I can take my time about cleaning up.

There are lots of sales going on. Pat & I looked for material one day & we got a couple of pieces of wool jersey and a piece of green tweedy wool for her. I'll use the jersey for myself.

Everyone is wanting lunch so I'd better get it on the table. Hope you both are fine."

                            Lots of love,


NOTE:  Dear Readers, thank you as always, for reading another year of letters. I look forward to hearing from you in 1969! Merry Christmas!


  1. Hi Ann, I thought it time for me to rise from the murky depths of lurkerdom here. I've really enjoyed your blog as it brings lots of memories for me. 1968 was the year I enlisted in the Air Force, basic training in Amarillo, TX and then language school to learn Thai at the Presidio of Monterey.
    Your mom was a treasure and I'm sure you miss her. All those weekly letters and always so upbeat!
    Looking forward to your 1969 posts!

    1. P.S. Mike, I always enjoy hearing from readers who can relate to a specific time or place! I know you have great stories from 1968 yourself as you started on the Air Force journey and your career as a navigator! Thanks so much for writing.

  2. Hi Mike! Well, you've found the perfect sleep remedy now, but it's great to hear from you! I had no idea you had been reading some of the letters, but yes, my mom was a treasure. I'm excited about 1969 because it means there are only 10 years of letters left:-) G+ is my distraction from all the work on the blog as you've probably figured! Thanks loads for your comment and I hope you find something of interest here!


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