Saturday, May 30, 2015

December 22, 1968 The Wonderful Anniversary, The Jammed Airport, The Pretty Little Thing and The Wonderful, Happy Christmas Day

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"First, I want to tell you we all hope you have a wonderful anniversary on Monday. We will be thinking about you.

Things have been jumping around here since the kids came Thursday. Ann got here about 4:30 but Bob & Pat missed their plane in Chicago so didn't get here until 11:30. They were tired. The airport in Chicago must have been a mess. First their plane couldn't land and then they had to sit in the plane a long time before they could even get up to the ramp. There were so many people and planes it was just jammed.

We got the tree yesterday and decorated it last night. It looks so pretty and we all had fun doing it.

It is wonderful to have all three of ours home. Everyday I realize more and more how lucky we are. I had a letter from Mildred today and I wanted to cry. Her youngest is in Vietnam. She sent me clippings about him getting some medals--one was the Purple Heart. He is due to come home in March and is doing office work now after having been in the field so I guess he's safe. Two of my friends have sons who are due to go in Feb. and March. Both are navy officers.

Bob and Patty have a gift ordered for you but it hasn't come so it's bound to be late now. It was promised for mid-December but they're still waiting.

They had another wedding present the other day. One of our friends was going around the world and promised to send something from some interesting place. That was last summer and the package came about 10 days ago. It's a hand carved table from India and is a lovely little thing. We have it in the living room and it looks pretty. I think the wood may be rosewood.

I had a good letter from Beulah yesterday. It had been so long since I'd heard from her. She sounded so busy. We also had a letter from Bessie and a short note from Marjorie Ann.

I finally got my dresses finished. I wore the white one to several things this week. It is perfectly plain and I have a red poinsettia pin I wear with it.

I finished the jacket dress too but haven't worn it yet. It isn't Christmasy looking so I'll get a lot of good out of it later.

I want to do some sewing for the girls the next two weeks--make a dress for each.  Ann is not hard for me to fit and I want to make Pat something while she's here so I will be able to make her something once-in-awhile.

We hope your package has arrived but you'd better not open it until Christmas. We also hope you have a wonderful, happy Christmas day."

                                                 Much love to you both,


NOTE:  The magazine above was saved by Mom for two reasons. One, the unfinished Mark Twain story which ends mid-sentence, and two, the Christmas prayer.

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