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August 4, 1968 The Pain, The Long Hard Week, The Last Sermon and The Heart Attack

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"After Roger talked to Beulah he called me and we talked a long time. Of course, he didn't know what is wrong with Buddy until the doctor has time to do tests but it really sounds like a gall bladder attack. He was in deep pain and his heart was irregular but that is natural for a person having a gall bladder attack. Tests were started Thursday afternoon. There would be tests in the digestive tract & for the kidneys, I suppose. They had not given a cardiogram yet (about 2:00 - 2:30 Thurs. when Roger called) so they must have not been too concerned about the heart. That's one reason I think it sounds so much like the gall bladder. We should know before long, I hope. Roger said he would let all of us know. We toyed with the idea of driving to St. Louis today but it would have been awfully hard since I'm having our minister's family for dinner tomorrow at noon. I'm trying to fix most of the food today because I won't have much time in the morning. Buddy was sedated for the pain and probably wouldn't have cared whether we were there or not.

Bessie is better and the Dr. said she might go home this weekend or next but he may change his mind now. Roger said he could take care of her, though, if she could go home. He would either take her home with him or stay over there and wouldn't have any problem getting off work to stay with her. Roger says the doctor thinks Bessie's thyroid is causing all her trouble. It can cause a lot of things, all right. Both of them were exhausted and that may be part of the trouble, too. I asked Roger to write me a card and he said he'd call me when they find out the trouble so we'll just have to wait. I'm sure he'll let you know, too, and if he doesn't, I'll call you.

Our minister preaches his last sermon tomorrow. They will eat with us & then leave for Bethany, West Virginia. We still haven't found a replacement for him.

This has been a long, hard week. Another one of our friends died of a heart attack very suddenly. He had never had any heart trouble. His children are grown and his wife will get along fine, but it is sad because he was getting close to retirement age and they should have had many more years together. He was the Director of Admissions so now some changes will be taking place.

I haven't sewed much the last three days because my eyes were hurting but I'm about ready to quit for awhile. I'll have to do the rest later. Surely the weather won't be cold very soon, anyway.

I'm glad Daddy's ankle is better and hope he can soon discard the cane. I'm sure that's better than the crutches.

I still have a lot of work to do so I'd better get started before I have to fix supper."

                             Lots of love,


NOTE:  If interested, listen below to a Meet the Press interview (June, 1968) with George Wallace regarding his candidacy as an independent.

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