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August 10, 1968 The Steam, The Machine, The Lots, The State Police and The Convention

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is terribly hot here and although it rains & cools off for a few minutes, the sun comes out & things steam. I tried working in the yard early this morning & was almost wringing wet in a little while. Everything grows like wildfire in this sort of weather.

I finally closed up the sewing machine today and hope I don't have to open it until the kids are back in school and I can sew for myself. Do you remember that pretty piece of green material you gave me for Xmas about 2 years ago? I made that up about three weeks ago and it made a real nice dress. I'm going to take it with me to Oregon and it will be a wonderful early fall dress because it won't be too hot. That's the only thing I have made for myself.

Can Daddy bend his ankle or does it still hurt? He wouldn't want it to get stiff from not bending it. The hot water soaking ought to help it, though. It is probably wise for him to use the cane until the ankle is completely well.

I'm glad you sold the lots. That will be a little less to worry with. I've tried to think of some place that would be nice for you if you did sell your house but everything I think of would be just as much work and cost just as much as the one you have. It would be foolish to move & not better yourselves at all. I sure don't want you to buy an old house that would have to have a lot of work on it. Any house can look pretty good with furniture in it but when it's empty it can be in awful shape. You wouldn't be happy in a place like that, I know.

I haven't heard any more from Buddy but he's probably getting along all right. It will take a while for him to get over this and I'll be surprised if he's out of the hospital in two weeks. I doubt if the Dr. will let him go home because Bessie couldn't wait on him and he couldn't wait on her. They do get them up fast though and he may snap back fast. I wrote to Bessie again today.

Bonnie & the Buick
We plan to leave Wednesday morning early for Oregon and hope to spend that night in Grand Island, Nebraska. That's a long ride but we want to see some things along the way after that and we've already seen that part of the country. From August 18 - 24 we will be at the School for Executives, Southern Oregon College, Ashland, Oregon. We can be reached by phone. 503- 482-3319. That is the number for the conference. They will page us or take a message for us. If all goes well, we will leave there early the 24th & drive to San Francisco & then home about the 30th or 31st. Our car is a 1964 Bronze Buick LaSabre, Illinois FB4020 in case you want us tracked down by the State Police.

We have wondered this week if we'd get to make the trip because our car has been in the repair shop. Last Saturday afternoon a woman ran a stop sign and banged into Ann. No one was hurt but Ann had an awful scare. She drove it on home, though. The garage promises to have it ready by Monday noon so B will have time to change the oil or something he wants to do to it.

I've watched the convention every chance I got but was disappointed that Lindsey was not nominated.

Senator Dirksen made the best speech of all but Nixon didn't do too badly. He is improving.

Everyone there acted a little nutty & I think the whole idea of the convention could stand some improvement.

I hope the Democrats learned a few things from this one. We'll soon see anyway.

I'll try to write cards along while we are gone so you'll know about where we are. Sometimes It's hard to find a place to mail them so we'll do the best we can.

Hope you both are fine."

                                          Lots of love,


NOTE: For an ad and a bit of the convention see below:


  1. Lots of interest to read and I found the images fascinating as usual. I assume the Buick is the one you scratched with your bicycle?


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