Friday, April 3, 2015

October 8, 1967 The Apple Cake, The Wrong Sleeve, The Crisp Day and The Two Services

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It has been another busy day but I never seem to get much done. We have to go to a picnic tomorrow for foreign students and I made an apple cake to take to that.

I've tried all week to finish my suit but still don't have the coat lined. It is all done but the sleeves though. I started to do it today and discovered I had both sleeve linings made for one sleeve. So I put it away and will have to take one of them apart when I have more time.

I finally got Beulah's birthday package mailed to her. I sent her a piece of material and I hope she likes it.

Bob wrote for some slides that we had taken in Europe so B had to go thru a lot of pictures to find them. Bob was going to give a report in an arts class. He has two classes he likes real well but says the others are dull.

It would be fine if you went to St. Louis for Christmas. I doubt very much if we can even think of coming and if we did it probably wouldn't be Xmas day. Bob wants to work while he's home and he wants Pat to come for a few days after Christmas so we'll probably have to plan around that. So you make your plans and don't think of Daddy getting sick. If he'll behave and take care of himself he'll be fine.

This has been a crisp, beautiful day. I wanted to cut the peonies off and do a few other things outdoors but didn't get it done. The leaves are turning fast and falling fast, too.

This is Sunday morning and I'm about ready to go to S.S. but I am so late with this already. I was too tired to finish last night.

It is raining so it will be a great day for our picnic. We'll have it in one of the barns at the University farm but I feel sorry for the teacher who is barbecuing over a hundred chickens.

I have started my yarn suit--crocheting it so I have something to take to club meetings. There were three meetings this week so I have a pretty good start on it. It's a tweedy green, sort of olive.

Our church has started having two services--8:30 and 10:30 with S.S. in between. B & I have to be greeters at the 10:30 today. It seems that everything comes at once. Maybe things will slow down after awhile.

Hope you both are fine."

                  Lots of love,


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