Saturday, April 4, 2015

October 15, 1967 The Leak, The Geraniums, The Picnic, The Letter and The Pictures

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're having our potluck group here tonight but I'm all ready, for a change. At least, the table is set and the house is straight. I washed a little woodwork and the bathroom walls this week but I need to wash some curtains. I never have patched the kitchen ceiling but it wouldn't do any good until we find the leak in the roof.

We've had some cold days and some light frost but I'm still picking cherry tomatoes. I'm sure going to miss the tomatoes when they are all gone but B & I eat them twice a day.

We got out in the yard after supper one evening and cut off most of the peonies. We filled all the boxes and garbage cans we had but didn't quite finish. It wouldn't take long, though, and maybe I'll find time this week to do a little more. I brought in the geraniums but I don't know whether they will live or not. The one you gave me just died and I don't know why.

Our picnic for the foreign students was a big success even if it poured rain. We all (about 125) stayed in one of the machinery sheds and everyone had a good time. It was cold but no one seemed to mind.

I finally finished my suit and wore it. It looked nice but I need a new shell to wear with it--just didn't have time to look for one.

My next sewing project is already started. It's a wine colored wool dress for Ann. It is more material that I've had a long time. When I bought the material for Beulah's birthday I was tempted to buy myself some of it but decided I'd better sew up what I have. Ann's dress has to be lined and that takes twice as long to make but they do hang better.

Bob wrote his usual short letter this week. He has been real good about writing regularly. Exams are coming up but he wanted his camera. Everything is so pretty there now. I would really like to see it in the fall. The leaves here are falling so fast and things are not as pretty as they usually are.

We're sending one of Ann's picture and Polly wanted you to have one of her, too. It is hard to believe they are 17 and will not be around next year.

I just can't imagine paying 20,000 for Ross Dodd's house. It certainly isn't worth it and Lorraine's isn't worth 30,000, much less 50. I thought property was high here but I think those prices beat our prices.

B has a meeting in Florida in November and we are planning for me to go along. It will be only a few days but he wants me to go.

Hope you both are fine. Don't work too hard."

               Lots of love,


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