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May 28, 1968 The Wedding Suit, The Hurry Up Trip, The Piece of Oak, The Flock of Sheep and The Long Letter

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It is almost bedtime but I want to write this tonight because I'll probably be late again if I don't. We are going to Chicago in the morning to get B a suit to match Bob's for the wedding.  We looked here & couldn't find one. He (Bob) bought his suit in Atlanta at Easter time and Pat's mother sent us the pants so we could match them or get something close to the shade of gray. They are dark.

My dress is all done but the hem and I'm going to look for shoes tomorrow too. We are supposed to go to the university prom tomorrow night so it will be a hurry up trip. Ann doesn't want to go and is supposed to go to a friend's recital anyway.

One evening this week we went to the chorus concert and then to a party for the senior members. It was a beautiful concert and everyone was so happy about it. I wish you could have heard those kids sing.

I have a new permanent and it sure is short and curly but will loosen up when I wash it.

I hadn't forgotten that I promised to get that piece of oak for my dictionary stand but I didn't think Daddy should be worrying with that so I just didn't get it.

It has been so cold and rainy here and we are all tired of it. We had our last meeting of As You Like It Club yesterday and the hostess had a fire in the fireplace. It felt so good. Our lawn needs a flock of sheep turned on it. Every time B plans to mow it another rain comes. It really looks terrible.

Did I tell you I had ordered Bob & Pat a Dacron comforter with your money? Marshall Fields in Chicago had a beautiful one in their catalog. I talked to Pat about it when they called Mother's Day and asked her if she had mentioned wanting one. It hasn't come yet but I had a letter saying when it would be shipped.

Beulah wrote me a nice letter this week and it was really good to hear from her. No telling when I'll get it answered, though. Ann's formal is about half done and then she wants another dress for a party made out of some blue dotted swiss.

Evelyn Wheeler wrote me a card this week from the hospital. She said that tests showed that the doctors got all of the cancer out of young Jim's neck and she would just have to hope they are right. They thought he could go home from the hospital this weekend. I don't know whether he'll have to have any treatments now or not. She'll probably write a long letter one of these days and tell us more.

I must stop & take a bath. We want to leave home by 7:00 so there won't be time in the morning.

Hope you both are fine."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE: Mayor John Lindsay was making news for stepping out of his office and into the troubled streets of New York City. He considered the condition of the urban core of American cities to be shameful and hostile in the growing restlessness following the death of MLK and the seemingly endless war in Vietnam.

For a Lindsay bio:

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