Wednesday, April 29, 2015

May 19, 1968 The Storms, The Water, The Mop, The Coffee and The Evaporation

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I don't know where this week went, but we've rushed from one thing to another. There was something to go to every day and some days there were two things. I cancelled out of Pen Women for today because I was just too tired and have to go to church for a meeting tonight.

The pulpit committee has a preacher coming for an interview this week but I don't know any thing about him.

As you know, we have really had storms around us this week. Several little towns near here are just about ruined and a bus load of students went to help clean up things yesterday. The storm came Wednesday night but it wasn't too bad here--just a lot of rain. Ann & I went to her organ lesson and we didn't know about the tornadoes until morning. We had lots of water, though, so I had to mop in the basement.

B had to go to Urbana Thursday so had to take several side roads to get there because of water & power lines.

It has stayed cold since the storm and the sky gets pretty dark sometimes. The sun has tried to shine today but doesn't stay out.

Buddy & Bessie & three of their friends stopped a while yesterday morning. I made them some coffee but didn't have a thing ready to go with it. There were so many things going on yesterday that I had started cleaning early & hadn't even combed my hair. We were going to a luncheon so I planned to take a bath after sweeping. I was glad to see them though and enjoyed their visit. They were on their way home and were going to stop in Springfield. They both looked so good.

I'm still sewing in between other things. My wedding dress is going to be very nice. The beading around the neck (just high and round) and around the elbow sleeves looks real nice. B gave me a pink, beaded bag for Mother's Day that will match it. I'll get some pink shoes or have some dyed. I have Ann's slip all done but the hem, to wear under her prom dress & the prom dress is started. We never seem to follow a pattern so have to get a dress almost done before we know what it will look like. It's a rather stiff cotton so I don't have to baste.

Bob has sent his last box of books but I haven't done anything to get them put away. It is an interesting collection--there is everything from scuba diving to poetry.

He called me Mother's Day and it seems as if it's been a month. Both of them are fine. Patty is getting excited but she says Bob is calm as can be. He had been to the Virginia Academy of Science in Roanoke to read a paper. That is a group of scientists and he was the only undergraduate student to go although some faculty people went. He gave a report of his research project he did last summer. We have a copy of the project but it's too deep for me. It has something to do with evaporation. He was real happy about the response of the men there.

If Bob studies medicine as he plans he will be exempt from the draft until he finishes his schooling. Then he can be drafted. It doesn't mean that he never will be drafted. I just don't think about it.

Ann got the chorus award and an award in typing at the Honors Day program this week. The Chorus award goes to the one that has done most for the chorus. She has played for them 4 years & also sung with them.

I have to iron Ann's gym suit so I'd better get it done. The day will soon be gone."

                             Lots of love,


NOTE: It was a family joke that I was president of the Future Business Leaders of America my senior year, but more so to get a typing award.  It seemed to always go to a music (piano) student. ("Why Ann, you mean I've done all that typing for you kids all these years! Shame on you!"  Said with humor, of course.)


  1. Hi sweet Ann, I love that you got an award in typing - surely that was foreshadowing the diligent, fantastic work you would one day do on your blog.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. It was really quite a funny thing and one of the few skills that I need today:-) Thanks so much for writing and Happy Spring!

  2. More interesting images, the coffee maker looks very Art Deco.


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