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March 9, 1968 The Beautiful Day, The Sweater, The Style Show, The Silver Pumps and The Lack of News

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's a beautiful day but I haven't been out. Ann has been sick the last two days so I've stayed in with her. I guess she has the flu like you did. Her throat and ears hurt so much. She has started some medicine and maybe that will help. I don't get much done when she's sick except to wait on her and she feels so miserable. She was a delegate to a state safety convention in Peoria today but couldn't go, of course. She won't be playing at church tomorrow either but I sure hope she can go back to school Monday.

I hope the Dr. said Daddy was just fine and didn't need to come back. Has Uncle Floyd been out any?

I have started knitting a sweater. I've had the yarn for about three years, I think, and had started a sweater with it. I didn't like it though and raveled it out to start over again. I didn't have any hand-work to carry to meetings with me and hated to waste so much time. Maybe I'll finish this spring and maybe not but I don't do much handwork in the summer.

Did I tell you I was modeling in a style show for Faculty Women's Club this week? It was a real nice affair and it was fun to dress up in the elegant clothes.

The models could have a 15% discount on anything they wore and a pair of silver pumps really tempted me because they fit so well but I didn't buy them.

I don't know whether anyone bought anything or not.

Patty has two brothers (about 15 & 17, I think) and a sister who is 13 or 14. Pat's father is gone so much that her mother has most of the work about moving but they were supposed to be all done by yesterday. Pat's father is an engineer for candy companies & has to go where the plants are, of course.

One of our hospitals is having Open House in their new building today & tomorrow. I want to go see what they will have to offer. B has seen it but I want to see, too. They will begin moving patients into it on Monday. It will mean going all the way across town so will be an awful moving job. It's a Catholic hospital and will have some special equipment.

Bob writes that it is warm and spring-like in Williamsburg. It makes me wish we could go for Parents' Day in May but I guess we won't.

There just isn't any news and I have a lot of work to do so had better get at it."

            Lots of love,


NOTE: Mom must have given in to those silver pumps eventually because buried deep in an old box of dress-up clothes in my basement, those shoes are still hiding.

In 1967 or '68 I was appointed to the Governor's Youth Traffic Safety Commission and its purpose was to encourage safe driving practices, particularly following school parties and such. It was the same year in which I had my first (and only teenage) car accident. Interesting to note that it wasn't mentioned in a letter to Grandmother.

And although there wasn't any news, Dad had a new LP. Reaching the top of the music charts in the Spring of 1968...

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