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March 3, 1968 The Spring Shoes, The Nice Birthday, The Kids' Present and The Wedding List

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I haven't done a dimes' worth of work today. Ann & a school friend wanted to go to Peoria to just look around and I went with them. The girl is from England and is going to our high school this year. She is real nice & interesting to talk with. B didn't want to go and the road is real good now so we went alone. There were lots of pretty clothes but we didn't go to buy anything. We did get Ann some school shoes--loafers.

I looked for a purse to match some spring shoes I bought last week but couldn't find one. I thought I'd buy it with my birthday money. The shoes are brown patent and there are lots of brown patent purses but the shade is hard to match. When I have a chance I'll look at Wards. Sears didn't have a single one & they usually have a good selection.

My birthday was real nice. Ann gave me some beautiful artificial flowers so I put all the cards around them on the coffee table. B gave me a sterling tablespoon to go with my silver & had already given me the money for shoes.
We went to Larsen's for supper with them and Rosses (Malcolm's parents). Then we went to a movie so it was a full day. Toni came early in the morning with a candle she had made. She comes by every few days. She seems fine but I know she is terribly lonesome even with three kids.

I finished my crocheted suit yesterday & wore it last night. It is real pretty. If the weather keeps acting like it has, I'll get a lot of wear out of it this year. It stays so cold & snowed most of the day without ever covering the ground.

I've been on the "go" all week and got a new permanent too. My last one was no good at all. It just fell out the first time I washed it but this one looks pretty good.

Thanks so much for the money for the kids' wedding present. I'll be glad to do the shopping but I don't really know yet what to get. I'll go ahead & cash the check & put it away until we decide. I would like to spend it for something they can keep. They will need sheets all right but they wear out so I might use the money for a piece of silver or something like that, if it's o.k. with you. Pat said once that she'd like to have one of those fluffy dacron comforters but that would wear out too. I'll start looking around a bit and one of these days I'll find the right thing. Did I tell you I'd had a letter from Pat's mother? I had sent her my wedding list. They are in the process of moving so she has been busy but they should be all moved by March 8. Pat had said that their home had been sold for an apartment building & her folks were shopping for a house. They had lived in this house 13 years so that probably means a lot of junk. It made me tired to think of it.

Maybe you'll start having some warm days before long. I hope so & then you can both get out more. Everyone seems tired of winter.

Take care of yourselves."

                       Lots of love,


NOTE:  The Beatles "Lady Madonna" was released in March of 1968. Mom's comment--"That's got a catchy rhythm!"

I don't know what the birthday movie was, although the most recent release would have been Planet of the Apes and it wouldn't have opened in Normal, Illinois yet. I suspect it might have been The Graduate, released in December of 1967. I don't know anyone who didn't see it.

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