Thursday, April 23, 2015

March 29, 1968 The Rose Bushes, The Peeled Place, The Lazy Muscles, The Political Campaign and The War

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have been having the most wonderful weather. The weatherman keeps saying it is going to get cold again but he keeps missing. B has most of the yard cleaned up but wants to dig out some old rose bushes tomorrow if it stays nice. We want to uncover the mimosa, too. I still can't tell whether it is alive or not.

I'm glad this week is about gone. I entertained both Travel Club and As You Like It this week and did a lot of other things besides. Now, I want to get started on my sewing.

Bob's vacation begins today so he & Pat will fly to Atlanta. I thought he might call last night but he didn't. I can't stand the thought of not seeing Bob until June but I guess I can't do anything about it. They had to make the final plans for the wedding and their jobs for the summer and this is the only time they have. And their vacation isn't long enough for them to come here, too.

I really need to do some paint-patching too, but I might do a more thorough job later this summer. It is such hard work I dread it but it might look better & be easier in the long-run than patching. Our front door has a badly peeled place.

The yard work will be good for Daddy if he doesn't do too much at a time. Maybe he should really time himself--work so long & then rest so long. That may sound a little silly but I think we all push ourselves until we don't know how tired we are until we stop. After all, Daddy hasn't done much physical work in several months & his muscles are lazy. He mustn't expect to work like he did even three years ago and he shouldn't even try.

I don't really know what I think of the political campaign. I am glad both McCarthy and Kennedy are in the running and I'm sorry that Rockefeller & Romney dropped out.

It would be tragic is Nixon became president. He is so ignorant--imagine making a statement that he'd end the war but wasn't going to tell how.

I think the big issues would become more clear and perhaps a solution would be found if there were more candidates on both sides.

I do think this war has to end and the present tactics don't seem to do anything toward that so things will have to change before Johnson gets my vote.

I'm like Bob Kennedy--I may reassess my position.

I'd better get busy myself or it will be lunchtime.

If all goes as planned we're going to come home on Sunday, April 7 for a couple of days. We'll leave here after church so it will be 8 or 9 in the evening. We'll eat on the way. We'll come back Tuesday. B really doesn't have time off but Ann will be on vacation so we're coming."



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