Wednesday, April 22, 2015

March 25, 1968 The Potluck, The Choirs, The Flu, The Sweater and The Cream

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"I have been on the run all week and have another busy one ahead of me. I tried to do a little extra cleaning and did get the bathroom done--curtains washed & walls, etc. but didn't get any further.

We had potluck here last night and had to go to a luncheon at noon. There was a speaker and program so we didn't get home until about 3:00. Ann had straightened up the house and dusted so I just set the table. It was lucky I didn't have to cook.

I taught my Sunday School class this morning, then went back for a committee meeting and then to a church in Bloomington for a musical program. Four church choirs were singing together and Ann was in it. It was beautiful music.

B has gone to a meeting in Chicago but will be back tomorrow night.

We had a letter from Bob but he didn't say much. He said everyone was awfully busy and I know they are. Their spring vacation begins next Friday.

Ann's throat is finally well, I think. Yesterday was the first day in almost three weeks that her tonsils hadn't had spots on them. There is so much of the flu even now.

Quill Club met here Thursday night and some of them had the flu. I wasn't supposed to have them now but the hostess was sick so I said I'd have it.

Is your knee better? I think everyone will feel better when the weather gets warm. Put some heat on it and maybe that will help.

My sweater is slowly growing. It will be real pretty if it is big enough. I can't ever tell until I get a big chunk knitted. It is just pick up work but I like to knit on it.

B enjoyed his trip to Colorado. After their work was done their host drove them to the mountains and he said it really was beautiful country. They hired the man and I guess he was real happy.

I have a lot of entertaining to do next week and then I'd like to do nothing but sew. Ann's suit is cut out and basted but that's all. She wants it for Easter so I'm going to have to get started on it. She has been talking so much this won't make any sense.

I had better stop because we have to go get some cream for a dessert I want to serve tomorrow.  The women come at 1:00 so I'll have to make my dessert tonight."

                   Lots of love,


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