Tuesday, April 21, 2015

March 17, 1968 The Big Snow, The Tasteless Apples, The Job Interview, The Long Struggle and The Little Leaves

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We had a big snow too and it looked as if we might have a blizzard like we did last year. Some schools closed early and everyone seemed to be prepared for the worst. Then it stopped and by late afternoon the streets were slushy.

Ann finally went back to school Thursday noon. I was almost afraid to take her but she got along all right. So many kids have been out. I haven't looked at her throat today but she still had spots yesterday. Her ears and throat hurt like yours did and she had the same trouble swallowing.

I still have 2 or 3 apples in the refrigerator. They don't have much taste now but I'll put them in a salad. They have really kept a long time. Fruit is so high right now.

I'm anxious for the Dr. to dismiss Daddy, too. The incision will probably be a little tender for a long time but that is natural. My friend who went to Mayos still complains about hers but she had an awful big one.

I meant to write to Beulah and Buddy too this week because both of them were having anniversaries but I didn't get it done. In fact, I just didn't get anything much done except wait on Ann. We watched a lot of TV and she really got tired of it.

Rosalynn has certainly had her troubles this past year. She must be exhausted. B's mom wrote that Tom died Wednesday. What was wrong? He sure didn't last long after Lodema died.

B raked the front yard last Saturday and it looks better but we already have papers in it. We get so much junk in our yard--candy wrappers, bottles, even beer cans. It won't be long until we can unwrap the mimosa. I can hardly wait to see if it's alive and I think it is. The leaves don't come out very early, do they?

B flew to Colorado Wednesday afternoon and back Friday morning to interview a man for a job. They are going to hire him, I think. He has taught in Illinois before and really wants this job.

Today is Malcolm's birthday. He is thinking about becoming a doctor but his folks don't seem very happy about it. I think it is wonderful but he won't actually have to say for sure until next year.

I wrote this to Bob and when he got my letter he called us to say he had decided the same thing. Pat had wanted him to do this a long time ago and he had been looking into it. He hadn't mentioned it before but had been taking some practice tests and talking with professors. He was afraid some of his courses wouldn't fit in with the pre-med program but the biology & chemistry that he's been strong on are just perfect. I think he has to make a definite choice of major at the end of this semester so it looks like it will be pre-med. It would be a long struggle but it will be for any field he would want to enter so we're all for it. He made the Dean's list this semester. He and Pat are fine and happy. It has been warm there and little leaves are on all of the trees.

B has come for lunch so I'd better see what I can find."

                              Lots of love,
NOTE: There were basically 2 reasons for having soda pop in our house; sore throats and parties. Otherwise, we rarely had it.

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