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January 14 and January 28, 1968 The Instructions, The Green Velvet, The Book Review, The Sweeper and The Remnants

Note to readers:

During the early weeks of January, 1968, both of my grandparents were quite ill. My grandfather was hospitalized and due to my grandmother's illness, she could not be with him at the hospital.  Mom stayed with him in the hospital and the first correspondence of the year was the following brief note, written from the hospital.

Dear Mother,   Sunday 12:30    January 14, 1968

"Daddy seems much better today. Eats pretty well. Dr. came in about noon--removed tubes. Stitches not out yet but incision is healed on top. I'm fine and hope you are much better. Don't try to come back up here. We're getting along wonderfully."



Dear Mother & Daddy,        January 28, 1968

"We were glad to have your letter and know you are getting along all right. It will probably take a while for both of you to get your pep back after the flu but I hope you are already feeling better. Daddy must not stay in bed too much. He's tired of my bossing but just tell him women were made to boss men around. Anyway, the Dr. would not approve of him staying in bed so much. He must get up and walk and move around or he won't get his strength back. The Dr. wanted him out of bed even when his chest was congested. he told me it would help clear it up and the operation will heal better and faster with exercise to speed up the circulation so--Daddy--you get out that dust rag and that dish towel and go to the mail box and walk around the house when the weather is nice outside. Don't lift anything but move yourself around. How many glasses of water are you drinking? The Dr. will want to know and the goblins will get you if you fib.

I hope your ear is feeling better, Mother. That must have hurt terribly. We should have put you to bed in the hospital, too. Then I could have helped you both. Daddy & I got along just fine.

I have sewed all week so am not caught up with other things yet. I made Ann a green velvet formal and a white wool cape and that took all week.

Then I had to give my book review Wednesday night so I spent some time on it this week, too.

I finally found time today to run the sweeper and scrub the bath & kitchen.  It hadn't been done since New Year's Eve. Doesn't that sound awful but it's true.

Next week will be easier than this week but I won't have the sewing and I'll catch up on the ironing.

I sent the money on to Bob. I know he'll be real happy to have it. We had such a good letter from him the day after I got home. They have a few days free between semesters and were going to look for an apartment for next fall. He was fine but Pat had the flu after Christmas. Both of them had taken civil service exams and thought they did real well. He is interested in a job in the department of communicable diseases in Atlanta for the summer. It would be good experience but he will take most any kind of job.

I had a letter from Pat's mother this week and should answer it soon. She will need to send the list of people we want invited to the wedding. We'll have a pretty good sized list but I'm afraid there won't be many of our family or friends that can go to Atlanta for the wedding. Bob wants B to be his best man. Ann will be a bridesmaid. The time will be here before we know it.

This is between semesters here so Ann is having a couple days off but B is sure working hard. His office staff will even be working tomorrow.

Today has been mild here so I'm hoping you're having nice weather there.

I bought a few bright wool remnants for the quilt this week & will send them one of these days.

Take care of yourselves."

                  Lots of love,


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