Thursday, April 16, 2015

February 9, 1968 The New Semester, The Other Book Review, The Suggestion, The Ear and The Insurance

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"After two wonderful spring days we have snow and cold again. It always surprises me how fast the weather can change. Things are still pretty busy around here but classes in the new semester should be settled down next week. B will work in the office again tomorrow.

I went to a coffee on Monday and then had a writers' workshop here all day Tuesday. Yesterday was dollar day in Bloomington and I went to town for a little while in the afternoon but didn't find much that could be called a bargain. I found some underwear and that's about it.

Jean Washburn (that's Bruce's mother) came over one day and brought a lot of stuff about weddings. Her daughter is getting married in June. They had been to a style show on weddings and it was fun to see all the pictures and ads for dresses, flowers & cakes. I suggested we pay the kids to elope. It would be cheaper but of course, we wouldn't really want them to.

Here is Mr. Brandon's address:

                    Mr. Martin Brandon
                    9th and Bond Sts.
                    Monett, Mo

I have to give my other book review next week but haven't even looked at it since I gave it the first time.

I'm glad Daddy is getting outside. The lifting is the main thing to avoid and as long as walking or going downstairs doesn't bother him it should be all right.

You may not hear much with that ear for a long time but if it starts to hurt again you'd better have it looked at.

What do you hear from Uncle Floyd? I suppose he went to Burge & I'll try to send a card soon. I don't have any now and sometimes it takes me so long to get some.

The Dr. bill sounds like a lot but really isn't when you think how long it was. Burge filed with Bankers Life for part of the hospital bill but didn't expect to collect because they believed that the Waynesville hospital had probably already filed. If they did collect anything the hospital (Burge) would refund it to you. That insurance business is sure complicated. Burge has special people who do nothing but that so Daddy should take his policy & every paper dealing with it along when he goes.

If he has anything from Waynesville that has to do with the insurance, he'd better take that too. Even if he doesn't have to show any of this when he asks for the itemized statement he ought to have it along in case there are questions. I didn't have anything & didn't know much when I was trying to check him out and it would have been much simpler if I'd had the insurance papers. The offices are there in the main hall by the coffee shop. Daddy probably doesn't remember seeing them.

I forgot to send you the vitamin ad I told you about. It's a good deal."



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