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February 25, 1968 The Snow, The Cupcakes, The Tea, The Cake and The Quilt

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"There is still some snow but today has been so spring-like. It will sure be nice when we can all get outside again.

It has been a fairly busy week. I was hostess for a church meeting Wednesday night so spent that day making cupcakes to take.  Thursday night we went to a play at school and tonight we're going to a basketball game. Springfield, Missouri is playing here. There was a reception for the teams this afternoon but we didn't go. We don't know many anymore and just didn't care about it.

Ann was an usher at a concert last night but we don't have tickets for the series so she went alone. She didn't care much for the woman who sang.

I had hoped to finish my crocheted suit and could have but my arm started to ache and I had to stop working on it. It won't take too long to finish it but I can't work on it steadily. It seems to cause my muscles to cramp or something.

We're going to a tea tomorrow and I'd love to have it to wear but will wear something else.

Bob didn't have much to say in his letter this week.  One of our friends had been in Williamsburg & had taken him and Pat to dinner. They had shown him some places in Williamsburg & had a good time together.

Ann has baked a cake today for a girl friend to give her boyfriend for his birthday. The girl cannot cook and works on Saturdays. She doesn't have a mother so Ann made a huge chocolate for her. The girl bought the materials. It really looks delicious--has three layers so it a tall one.

I thought the wool scraps were pretty too, but if you used them together in one block it must have been pretty gay. A whole quilt like that would sure be pretty.

Uncle Floyd got along real well, I think. He didn't have to stay as long as Daddy, did he?

Ann's hand is fine but has a little blue on it yet. It was bruised real deep and is still a little sore. She doesn't have any trouble playing the organ, though.

It's supper time & there's not much to write, so will say bye."

                      Lots of love,


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