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December 21, 1967 The Letters, The Students, The Indians and The Happy Christmas Day

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We have had both of your letters this week and we appreciate the Christmas check very much but one dollar a piece would have been enough. I know you have trouble getting things done when Daddy is sick but I think the kids would rather have money. Grandmother B sent them money too, so they put it away.

Bob can certainly use it. He is working this week at a book supply house--taking last year's books off shelves and putting new ones up. It is hard work but he's earning some money and he sees his friends in the evening. He had applied for a job in this place last summer but they couldn't use him then. They apparently remembered for they called Monday morning before he got up and he went to work that day. He won't work next week, though and still wants to come to Richland. It's been a long time since he's been there. Ann doesn't think she can come so it will be only Bob and Pat. He says he will use the bedroom in the basement and Pat can have the front bedroom. They won't be able to stay very long because she doesn't get here until Tuesday.

We're having an Open House on New Year's Day so people can meet her. The announcement of the engagement is to be in the paper that weekend.

The students are all gone and the town is pretty quiet but we have been going to a string of Christmas parties. Tonight is the last one at Larsen's. Their son and his wife and her mother will be there for Christmas.

Tell Beulah that the kids' package arrived just fine and I'll write after the holidays.

The weather is miserable but we are better off than the poor Indians.  It has been so warm (58º this morning) but the temperature is supposed to drop to 15º tonight. It is pouring rain so we'll probably have snow by morning. Pat called yesterday and said it was hot in Atlanta. She wants us to have some snow so she may get her wish.

I do hope Daddy feels better and that you can go to Beulah's for Christmas day. It would have been nice is all of us could have gone to Roger's but I guess we'll never be able to get everyone together at the same time.

You probably have the package by now because B's mom got her's and they were mailed at the same time.  We'll all be thinking about you and hope you have a happy Christmas day.

                       Lots of love,


NOTES: Watch The Dean Martin Christmas Show with Frank Sinatra & family which aired on 12/21/67.

  Use the link to read about, and see images of the terrible blizzards:

Dear Readers,

Thank you for joining us in 1967. Hope to see you again in '68!  Cheers! 



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