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April 28, 1968 The Puttering, The Angel Food, The Water Heater, The Brunch and The Spring Formal

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"No one is up yet but I woke up early so have been puttering around. The sun is bright so maybe we'll have a nice day. It has been real cold again but everything is beautiful. You can see lilacs everywhere you look. This town is just full of them. It has been too cold to work outside and I still have a lot of digging I want to do. My iris bed is full of coarse grass and that is probably one reason they have almost died out.

B appreciated the birthday money and said to tell you he intends to buy a shirt with it. I gave him an all-weather coat. His old one had been patched up until it looked pretty bad.  Bob called to talk to his dad that evening but B was gone to a meeting. I made an angel food and fixed a nice dinner but it was a long, busy day like all of the others.

Bob & Pat are fine but he said he was tired from studying and he sounded it. He and Ann both are anxious for school to be out. Ann brought home a long list of activities that wind up the school year. There are just too many things to go to.

The pheasant sounds good. I don't think I've ever cooked one and I can't ever remember even tasting one.

Our minister has resigned and is going to teach at Bethany College in Bethany, Virginia. He has been here only a year and has been a fine one but he'll be good at teaching young people, too. He will teach some religion classes and philosophy. A committee has started to look for a new minister because he will leave in August.

We've been all week getting our water heater replaced. Ours started leaking at the bottom and we had no choice. The new one had to be put in a different place so it could be vented according to the city code and it has been an expensive thing. The basement is a real mess but the men promised to come back today to finish up and clean up. So maybe they will and maybe they won't.

Ann has been picking out material for her spring formal. When I went to get it the store had sold the last piece so now we have to get something else. I'm still looking around for a wedding dress and have found a pattern to try out on cotton to see how I like it. I'd rather have a ready made this time but may have to make it.

I'm going to a brunch this morning. It is the last meeting for Faculty Women and we're entertaining all of the foreign students. I'm decorating a Greek table and will wear Ann's blouse she bought in Greece.

I went to a meeting about golf Monday evening but haven't played any yet. It is awfully hard to find any time until school is out.

B and Ann got up so I stopped writing and never did get back to it. Ann has gone to a movie and B is trying to clean up the basement.

The men came back all right but didn't do much of a clean-up job and B says they didn't know much about the job they were trying to do. I think he did some of it over.

Ann played for a wedding this morning at church. I don't know the couple but Ann knew the woman from church.

I must stop & get my Sunday School lesson if I can stay awake. We lose an hour tonight, too.

Hope you both are fine."

                                     Lots of love,


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