Saturday, April 25, 2015

April 20, 1968 Mimosas for Everyone, The Sunrise Services, The Little Things, The Business Club and The Quilt Top

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It's pouring rain again tonight. Most of this week has been cold and cloudy. We did put out a little evergreen on Tuesday so all of this rain is good for it. We had intended to put some small ones south of the garage because nothing much will grow there, but I never did get them bought and we wouldn't have had time to set them out. The little mimosas I brought back have tiny green leaves coming out but the big one still doesn't show any green. I was selfish and planted all of the little ones myself in hopes that one of them will live.

We went to sunrise services at 7:00 on Easter. Ann & Polly went to Ann's church at the same time. B & I came home then after Sunday School but the girls didn't get home till noon. I didn't have a single new thing to wear but that didn't bother me.

The finished checked suit
I'm sorry we couldn't have been home while Buddy & Bessie were there. I haven't written to them yet but I want to real soon. It seems I always have more little things that have to be done by a deadline. I'm working on a program for As You Like It & I am trying to get people to work in a Vacation Bible School next summer & am not getting very far on either one.

Ann is in Springfield tonight with a group of high school kids who belong to a business club & tomorrow she plays for some singers in Pekin. So we have to get her early tomorrow & get her to Pekin before noon. It will take much of the day.

Sunday, I am taking some women to a Pen Women meeting in Peoria and we have our Potluck supper that night. It's my turn to take rolls & relishes so that will be easy.

Did you know that Virginia Rose's son is going to West Point? They are so thrilled about it. That's a full scholarship.

You have certainly made my quilt top in a hurry. Do you plan to make any more? I can't remember whether you told me to save scraps or not. I won't be making anything wool for awhile, though.

It's 11:00 so I'd better go to bed because we'll have to get started early in the morning."

                Lots of love,


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