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September 9, 1967 The Rush, The Successful Trip, The Operating Room and The Horrible Color

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"The rush is on although classes haven't started. B is at a faculty meeting this morning and we're going to a reception and dinner tomorrow evening. Then there is another meeting about foreign students tomorrow afternoon.

I haven't done much extra since Bob came home--have simply said I couldn't come because I wanted to be here. He's still working and enjoying it. The different people he sees are interesting to him and one of the fellows that works with him was his student teacher in high school. The man has taught and is coming back to ISU this fall for more work.

We had a successful trip to Chicago and got most of the things he wanted--coat, sweater & such. His legs & arms are so long he simply can't go into just any store and buy clothes. We got back about 3:00 so he had plenty of time to eat and change clothes for work. We hadn't even had time for lunch in Chicago so we were all sort of lank. Bob will leave here Friday morning at 9:00 and fly from Chicago whenever he can get a flight. I'll take him to the Bloomington airport so won't have to go to Chicago.

Ann registered this week and classes start on Tuesday. Her church choir started practicing again regularly on Thurs. so she's going to be busy. When she goes away to school she's going to miss that paycheck and so will we.

Bob is having some moles taken off his face this morning. One is pretty good sized and they are hard to shave around--brown ones. Our doctor insists that things like this be done at the hospital so that's where they went. It makes it expensive because you have to pay for the operating room but I guess it is the safe thing to do and doesn't take any longer than it would in the office.

We need rain but everything is still beautiful. August was a wonderful month--Wisconsin weather. The mimosa is still growing like everything. We had to put a taller stake by it. I just hope it lives thru the winter.

I'm so glad your back is better. You'd better stay on the aspirin. They are still the best medicine for arthritis that has been found and the doctors don't seem to be able to learn much about it.

I think I told you I ordered a piece of brown dacron. After it came I decided to make a jacket and needed another half yard. I went ahead and cut out part of the dress (except the waist) and now the extra material hasn't come. If I don't get it I'll use a contrasting color for the waist.

One of the dresses I ordered from Ward's sale came yesterday but I'm going to send it back. The color is horrible and I'd have to do a lot of altering. It isn't worth the trouble.

I must get busy. The house has to have a little cleaning and I fix dinner at noon since Bob works so the morning goes fast. Hope you both are fine."

                 Lots of love,


NOTE:  Popular in theaters and media during the fall of 1967 (but not so with the critics) was the film version of Jacqueline Susann's novel, Valley of the Dolls.  You may watch it in its entirety below, and after the few minutes, you'll get the gist of it.  If you prefer, skip the video and listen to the theme song, popularized by Dion Warwick.

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