Sunday, March 29, 2015

September 1, 1967 The Fast Trip, The Awful Pen, The Fall Weather and The Social Activities

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"It looks as if we won't be coming to Richland after all. Bob had wanted to come and we had been trying to find a time when we could stay two or three days. Yesterday, he decided he wanted to earn a little more money for school and went job hunting. He went to work at 7:00 this morning for a moving company. This is just for today but from tomorrow he will work the 4:00 p.m. to midnight shift at a filling station. He seemed so proud of himself for being able to find a job for 2 weeks because we doubted that anyone would hire him for that short a time. Maybe it proves that people can get work if they're willing to take any kind.

We plan to go to Chicago tomorrow to get Bob some clothes but it will be a fast trip since we'll have to be back by 4:00. He has to have tall things and wouldn't have much choice in Bloomington.

Bob got home Monday night. He had driven all the way from Atlanta that day. We hadn't expected him to get here so early because he planned to camp along the way but when he got started he just kept coming--hadn't even stopped to eat except for coffee. He looks fine but I think he lost a little weight this summer. If he keeps eating like he's been doing, he'll soon fatten up.

Ann has to register for school on Thursday but I don't think classes start until Tuesday. She has a cold now and could hardly talk yesterday.

Today is the last day of all summer classes so it will be quiet for a few days next week. (I finally had to give up with that awful pen and can't find another one.)

I'm glad your back is better, Mother, but you didn't tell me what you did to start the trouble.

Have you visited the new nursing home? It sounded nice in the Mirror. I understand that Sue is going to manage it. Is she divorced or is her husband still in service?

We are having fall weather. The sky is so blue and it even sounds like fall. I worked in the yard all day last Saturday and have two big brush piles for the rubbish men to pick up. I didn't get half done, though, but haven't been out again. There's an elderberry bush to cut out but I want to leave it until the birds eat the berries. We have a family of brown thrashers that come back every year and I've seen them eating them.

B's work seems lighter now and it should be better even when the regular term begins because there will be more help in his office this year.

Bob has to leave here the 15th. That is a week earlier than most of the students but he is a student leader and will help with the freshmen that week. They register a week earlier than upper classmen.

I had better stop and get to work. I want to sew some today. Our social activities at school begin a week from Sunday and I'm certainly not ready.

Ann bought her some cotton dacron shirts to start school in so that helps. I can never find anything that fits and it is a waste of time to look. I have ordered some things from Wards sales flyer but I really don't expect to get them or have them fit. They looked nice and were bargains so I thought I'd try anyway.

Hope you both are fine."

                                Lots of love,



  1. A fairly varied series of events and I'm so pleased the cutting of the shrub was delayed 'til the birds had eaten the berries. I get very upset in Spring and early summer when I see folk trimming hedges, don't they know the birds are nesting? Nice advert for shirts!

  2. Thanks for your comments! We were (still are!) a family of bird watchers:-)


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