Friday, March 13, 2015

May 28, 1967 The Dresses, The Mustang, The Cleaning and The Macaroni & Cheese

Dear Mother & Daddy,

"We're having summer weather at last but it is clouding up this afternoon so I suppose it will rain and be cool again. There has been a lot going on this week and I've sewed as hard as I could. I did get two dresses done for Ann. She wore a white pique one to the Junior-Senior banquet last night. The other one is pink and she may wear it to her recital tomorrow. She has had her last piano lesson till next fall but I think she will continue the organ lessons since she will be playing at the church all summer. They don't have choir practice during the summer but she has to have music ready every Sunday anyway.

On Thursday there was a reception for the new president and his wife. I think every faculty person went for the room was full. He will begin his job in September but plans to visit the campus several times so he can get acquainted before September.

Last Saturday afternoon we went driving around again to look at cars and came home with a Ford Mustang. We got it in Clinton, a little town south of here. Bob will use it this summer while he's working but will have to bring it home in the fall. Students aren't permitted to have cars there. Ann thinks it is the most wonderful car ever but hasn't said a word about Bob taking it. He will be home June 6th and start back the 9th so we won't have much of a visit. He was supposed to start work on the 9th but begged off a few days. He's so excited about the car he can hardly wait to get home. I wrote him a card and he called up when he got it and we've had three letters since then. None of them tell much but he did say he would be in the Honors Program next year. That means small classes and special privileges to take advanced classes.

I need to start some cleaning, too--cabinets especially but I haven't even done regular cleaning this week. I got behind with my ironing while I was sewing so did that today. I still have some things to make for Ann before she goes to Girls' State but I'll have to do it this coming week. I won't get anything done while Bob is here.

We're going to a potluck supper tonight and I have my salad ready, but I have to fix some macaroni & cheese for Ann. She's been asking for that so I'd better get at it."

                      Lots of love,


NOTE:  Our Mustang, like the one pictured would end up being the car I drove from 1969 to 1992 with the exception of a couple of years when it went back home. Should have kept it! Thanks to  for the picture above.  Below, needs no further explanation:-)


  1. Macaroni cheese - you have good taste!

    1. Hi Mike! I still love mac and cheese, but it's never as good as when my mom made it, of course:-)

  2. Another post full of interest, although I feel I'm eavesdropping on someone's private conversation at times. The usual lively and colourful images but, despite one or two pretty ladies, it's the one of the Ford Mustang that steals the show for me! I remember seeing them in the 70's over here racing in our national saloon car series, tremendous roar of their V8 engines as they went past.

    1. It's acceptable eavesdropping:-) and I enjoy your comments!


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